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Dreadlocks Shampoo Bars

5 years ago
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I've tried almost all of them. My personal favorite is the sandalwood/Tonka bean. It leaves my hair cuddly soft and smelling super yummy. I use the tea tree rosemary when i feel like my scalp needs some extra cleaning. The bars get my hair really clean but still knotted. I have about 10 bars in my bathroom and i rotate depending on my mood.

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5 years ago
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I love the bars - I bought 3 back in like January or something, I have used half of 2 of them and have still an un-used one. So 1 bar (in my case) lasts 6 months :P but I cut mine into small pieces and only wash 1 or 2 times a week, I dont feel the need for more

5 years ago
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I may try the acv wash until I can get the soap bars. I do dye my dreads but the dye I use is always semi permanent and conditioning, and also vegan, and my hair is always so super soft afterwards, but I've recently dyed my hair back to my natural hair colour, and now I can use all sorts of different shampoos and washes without shampoo or whatever fading the colour of my hair, so that's good in itself too :) thanks everyone :)

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