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Forming Dreadlocks Time-Line. (0 to 5 months) UPDATED 21-8-2013

5 years ago
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I decided to let my hair start dreading around the end of March 2013.
It seemed like an obvious progression since I love my long hair but it's starting to see the limits of it's length and I also hate doing even light maintenance to it.
I have never liked how it looks when brushed (the neatness annoyed me) and so had quit brushing years ago, however I continued to wash it with conditioner and I would pick out any knots I found.

Having dreadlocks seems like the next logic step for me to take towards having hair I like.
Dreads reflect my general attitude and lifestyle approach (although perhaps not in the same way as others).

Progress is slow, I shall update every few months.

Month- 0

-This picture is some time before I started dreading. It shows my hair in it's normal state at that time.

-This is after a few days of washing with bicarbonate of soda, there was slight separation.

Month- 1
-A month or so in. At this point I had not seen much progress since the initial separation.

Month- 3.5
Three and half months in. The separated segments seem tighter now and are very obvious when my hair is wet, but once dry they can fluff up a fair bit.

-You might be able to make out the swell mess I have at the top of my hair. Seems like my roots are starting to do something now, although I'm not sure what.

-Messy head. Don't have too much to say about this one.

- I could not get a good picture of it, but this is what I think is my first real infant dread. It goes right to my roots and has made a good old mess there. It's quite round near the top as well and I can always feel it if I touch the top of my head. It the most pronounced infant dread I have and is so far my favourite.

Month- 5
It looks about the same to me really.

Top of my head is more messy now.

You can see my first dread-thing dangling in front of my face.

One of the big three that have formed at the back of my head as well as others criss-crossing.

Three that have taken shape at the back of my head.

updated by @sirick: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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definately progressing tho i would have expected faster progress u maybe should tru=y the pink sea salt from it helps alot


well they prevent anything from acidently pulling apart but also just putting them on pushes some hairs up forming a loop wich helps get them knotting just by causing an unevenness in the hair and loops to tangle more hair in

thats what makes sence to me anyway

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5 years ago
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sure to be a wickedly awesome journey bro ...stick to it:) ill check back and see ur progress peace b with u

5 years ago
31 posts

i love your dreads! they are looking really nice. my brother has similar hair to yours i'm trying to get him to dread. your pictures might help! haha but they really are looking nice. :)

5 years ago
26 posts

Thank you for the kind words.

My hair is pretty long, but I think Eagle has me beat in terms of length.

I'm not really sure my hair could be considered dreads yet in those pictures, or even now. But thank you regardless!

I think I shall make an update soon, I now have about five decent sized dread-like-things on my head so progress if definitely happening, just a little bit slowly.

5 years ago
26 posts

Thread updated.

Thankfully I now have more then just one infant dread.
I think I have about five decent sized and perhaps three smaller. Also a few very thin segments, but not really knotted much compared to the others.

I have a feeling my hair is silky and even sea salt spray does not do much to rough it up.

It's odd how dreads just seem to appear, the three at the back of my head just came from nowhere as if they had always been there, one after another.

A question.
My dread-type-things are tough enough that I can't pull them apart and it's hard to get even a few stands out (as I found out when trying to separate a few tufts of hair from the other side of my head) but there is still a lot of loose and straight hair in them.
They are mostly knotted near the top of my head about and inch or two from the roots, but further down they are pretty much just normal hair.
How do they become knotted further down the section and how long (roughly) until I start seeing this?

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