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Neglect timeline! Curly or something? (Updated)

Jonas Agerbæk Nielsen
5 years ago
21 posts

I sure will! :D i feel it goes faster with neglect thean with TnR :3

updated by @jonas-agerbaek-nielsen: 07/23/15 06:33:05PM
Jonas Agerbæk Nielsen
4 years ago
21 posts


4 years ago
174 posts

Wow I really like your dreads! The crazy ones are the best.. :) Enjoy your journey!

4 years ago
44 posts
Wow they're looking great. I get where your coming from, I had mine interlocked by a "loctitican" before I knew better. I keep wondering what they would look like if I hadn't. I will most likely just cut them off & start over again as well in the future. Look at the Locking Up Liquid Shampoo, they're made with sea salt & they're hands down the best. I've tried all the others & none have helped my dreads mature better then Vicky's. The only thing I find better for dreads is Ocean swimming & surfing. If you live near the beach, natural sea water is the best. My dreads will frizz up & lock up tight once they dry. Keep us posted.
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