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dreadlocks and how they change you

5 years ago
3 posts

Post a pic!

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emilio gonzalez
5 years ago
32 posts

great story but i dont understand why you cut them off at only 3 years ??

Bob Ngarly
5 years ago
163 posts

Thats real man. Very real. I could only imagine being so attached after 3 years.. im at 3 weeks and i love my ugly lil babies. Its true though. They are a journey. While mine are just beginning i look forward to internalizing the lessons they teach me in the future.

in the words of ziggy "got to be true to myself."

stay true brother and i wish you well on the rest of your journey.


Charles Turner
5 years ago
5 posts

How are you gonna readjust? I don't ever want to be able to run my hands through monotonous hair ever again.

Zach C.
5 years ago
39 posts
That was beautiful.
Κύριε Ελέησόν
5 years ago
92 posts
Wow. This is touching! I wish you the best as you continue down the path. :)
5 years ago
85 posts

Very insightful and beutiful writing. I started my journey at a turning point in my life and I feel that my dreads have made me a happier person. I feel more content and at peace with myself. I can't see myself cutting them off, but perhaps I will reach that point in the future just as you did. Good luck on your continuing journey!

tyler rakowski
5 years ago
19 posts

i didnt go back to regular soap and conditioner, i still wash the same was i used to haha, that way when the time comes up for me to walk that path again, my hair wont need to be conditioned for it, itll already be dry properly cleaned

Ethon O'Brien
5 years ago
40 posts

I just about cried hearin bout this. i mean its great that they tuaght you so much, but i dont think i could have chopped mine off even in that scenario, it woulda made me want to keep them more haha. i cant picture myself without them. and if i ever did have to cut them off for any reason, i would immediately begin growing them back. part of me wants to cause i wanna start off completely natural, but the way theyve formed such a personality, all the loops and zig zags and bumps and everything, i just cant let them go

5 years ago
45 posts
Beautiful. May I ask what you did with them? For me, they would need ritual of some sort; but maybe you chose a different route?
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