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Three months in with extremely straight hair.

Boston Blanchard
6 years ago
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So I am just over three moths neglect and very little progress. My hair is still a bit short, about 4-41/2 inches. I have been using bs wash with some essential oils. this wash always seems to leave my hair looking very oily and clumped. It is quite gross. I have started using shampoo from dreadlockshampoo now and that works much better for me. At this point, I guess I am just looking for a bit of encouragement, or maybe an affirmation that my hair will actually do what I want it to do. The only bit of somewhat progress seems to be on the top. The sides and back are still pin straight with little to no sectioning. I will try to post in here monthly or so to keep the timeline current.

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the Barrellady
6 years ago
1,302 posts

All hair is different and some take longer than others. Are you perhaps using too much essential oil? Just a few drops will do, especially with such short hair. Be patient, & enjoy the ride.

6 years ago
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We have several members here who have had the same slow progress. Ixchel is one, her hair took about 8-9 months to do a thing, now it's running amok in a great way. Baba Fats is another, he didn't see any progress for about a year, now he's got amazing 6-ish yr old dreads.

You have incredibly fine hair, it's soft and silky. That type of hair takes quite a while. Did you buy the Lockin' Up shampoo? That would be best for your hair, and baby dreads in general. Like Desirae and Barrellady said, patience is a good thing to have when you're naturally dreading. Loads and loads of patience.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

Thanks for he shout out, Mons. Also, you are using the BS wash. Are you using the ACV rinse afterwards? That would make your hair oily. Oily hair is too acidic. The BS will raise, the pH, and the ACV would normally bring it back to the acidic side. But since your hair is oily, you can skip the ACV rinse until your hair stops being oil.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,585 posts

everything they said but adding..your hairs still short its gertting closer but an inch or 2 more length will make a big difference if u arent taking biotin you have another 3 or 4 months till its even long enough

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Boston Blanchard
6 years ago
5 posts

Thank you all for the reassurance. I know that it will take some time, patience is going to be key. I was just thinking that maybe I would be seeing some sectioning or, something at this point. I will just continue to ride it out and enjoy the ride.

6 years ago
18 posts

length can make a big difference. just imagine a piece of string. its easier to tangle that string up into more knots with a longer string.

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