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14 months natural dreads timeline

Ahil Ganesan
9 years ago
53 posts
Very nice that's amazing how parts are sectioned off so well. Gluck
updated by @ahil-ganesan: 07/23/15 12:17:11AM
ॐJesse Rose~*☼
9 years ago
23 posts

Those dreads are awesome...I wish i had hair just like yours.....*sigh. but we are all unique and nobody is the same...thanks for sharing sistah...

River Darling
9 years ago
11 posts

Wow, they look so mature. You must be proud! I love natural dreads.

9 years ago
1 posts

Awesome looking dreads- I've just started on my dreading experience, and i'm following the basic neglect/ t'n'r method-if they look anything close to yours in 5 months I'll be thrilled.

Princess Kay
9 years ago
47 posts

congratulations! they look awsome!!

me, at the end decided also start with the t and r .... one week ago now... its hard to be patient!!

Can somebody explain me that ACS thing?

BS : Baking soda, with walter i guess.... you wash your hair with it...and remove it afterwards? leave it on hair for few minutes?

Sorry! I am CONFUSED!!! :P

9 years ago
19 posts

Wow! That IS fast! Looking great.

Marc Gravel
9 years ago
123 posts

Wow. for 5 months purely natural that is amazing! the benefits of having curly hair!!

Bali Dread
9 years ago
1 posts

need to pix by hooks ..

Castaway J
9 years ago
585 posts

a hook should NOT even come within ten feet of those dreads!!

Bali Dread said:

need to pix by hooks ..

Baba Fats
9 years ago
2,702 posts

Dreadlocks should never come within 10 feet of crochet hooks. That's why you don't see crochet hooks sold in salons. They are sold in art stores

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