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I give up...

Kylan Andrews
9 years ago
1 posts

That brought a tears to my eye's and im still crying. Joy is beautiful im glad some one like you has decided to dread and not conform free the world of its shackles one day we will. your litterary skills are up there with the best my friend.

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Wayne Robert
9 years ago
4 posts
Thank you Kylan, and everyone else who's offered some support. I hope to contribute some more to this sure and community. The goal for me bow is to help free the minds of those that are entangled in the trappings of this society.
River Darling
9 years ago
11 posts

I have come to this same conclusion this week <3

Sarah Smile
9 years ago
43 posts

me too!

9 years ago
6 posts

Well, well said man! Every dread head needs to see this! I slowly came to this myself. The only thing I do now is crochet a few bits on my neck just because the feeling of them hanging down when my hair is up bothers me. But they don't even stay, comes out in three weeks,lol.

Free your mind

Free your soul

Free your hair!

That's what it's all about.

Mitch E.B.
9 years ago
2 posts
True story.
Marc Gravel
9 years ago
123 posts

Wow that was beautifully written. Its so true, people want locks and to be free from the "acceptable" social image, yet they are unhappy when the dreads dont look like "that perfect set of dreadlocks" that everyone imagines them to look like. Very well said.

9 years ago
321 posts
All you really need to dread is just wash your hair with the right shampoo and let it be! is the best! Stay far away from places like DreadheadHQ and knotty boy! They steer you down a horrible journey!
Merek Privitt
9 years ago
13 posts

i totally agree with you 100%. thats what its all about. just being confident things will continue to change for the better, not just in my/your/our hair but in our lives.

Wayne Robert
9 years ago
4 posts

Thanks all. It really is a process.I find that I am still at war with myself... but that, I suppose, is the dichotomous nature of mankind. We are spiritual beings, yet we are carnal in our thought process.

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