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Possibly restarting

j bower
6 years ago
2 posts

Hi, I started my dreadlocks in the backcomb method with some low stress crotcheting maintainance and have had them for over a year. I'm seriously considering starting again to make them more natural, stronger, lower maintainance and more pure. If I did start again, should I cut my hair to the root, cut them down and comb them out or what? Thank you

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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just comb them out

if u cut to the root your looking at a year b4 they dread again

use alot of conditioner and comb them out gently and slowly

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Amy Jo
6 years ago
50 posts

I'm thinking the same thing. I have a massive matted mess in the back of my head and have actually combed out a couple of the dreads. I too started with backcombing and a little of TnR. I'm going away this weekend and am really thinking of combing them out when I get back.

I've seen on here to soak them in olive oil and or really strong conditioner. I've been able to comb out about 7 of my dreads just by pulling them apart and playing with them, however, mine are only a month old.

I wish I had gone natural from the beginning..... and found this site BEFORE I started.

Good luck! :)

j bower
6 years ago
2 posts

Thanks for your comments and advice, after research and thought I've decided that if I start them again i'll probably cut them fairly short (a few inches) and pull them apart as much as possible. I personally prefer natural dreads grown from shorter hair and I think it some way it will give me a better connection. Blessed.

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