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My timelineee!

6 years ago
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Hope fully I can keep adding to this! ok... so I started my dreads 4th September 2011. I started them because I wanted to feel like myself. At the start of college I decided that I would find myself and try to accept myself for who I truly was. A new start, with a new place and no one knew who I was. Everyone at college is so accepting of me for exactly how I am and I love how everyone's different and feels comfortable in their own skin. Along the way I've been learning a lot about myself as a person, that I accept myself as who I am now, and my hair is it's natural self and is forming how it wants to form ect. and I love it :) I think my dreads are forming quickly! Hope people enjoy my timeline as much as I do.

1 week! -sections in the first week were promising!

2 weeks!

2 months!

3.5 months and I dyed them pink!

4 months!

5 months and starting to look goood :)

6 Months! dyed some blue :D

7 months!

7.5 months and a new colour :)

8 months

9 months in the sun :) lots of roots showing, and I decide to grow out my natural colour for a while :)

10 months!

they're really coming along and some are so solid I can't even squish them, they're so compact. Lots of loops folding back on themselves, blunting of themselves, and shrinking. Even though as you can tell my hair has grown a lot I have not lost any length from when I started cause of shrinking! Love them, and love the journey, and I can't wait to see where it goes!

10.5 months! I have a lot of dreads that bend at right angles as you can tell, One day they should settle down though!

11 months!

Edit. Wow my dreads are well over a year now, let me show you the progress since! they just keep getting better and better!

1 year and 1 month :)

1 year and 4 months:

as you can see I bleached my ends and now the tips are all blonde :) sorry that the 1 year 4 months pic isn't very clea, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be taking more pictures because they have just turned 1.5 years :)

1 and a half years now! finally took pictures :)

2 years :)

2.5 years now:

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6 years ago
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your progress is absolutely amazing & beautiful & your colors just make me crazy happy <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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wow great to see how they progressed

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6 years ago
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thanks guys! :)

6 years ago
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wow! i really love the teal tips with your natural color. so beautiful:)

Steven Wind
6 years ago
62 posts
I love it!I used to color my hair /all/ the time in high school, so I definitely have a soft spot for these dreads. All natural now, though.They're doing so well!
6 years ago
23 posts

thank you!

Rainbow Fortune
6 years ago
124 posts

I am extremelyjealousright now! This is completely amazing! :D

6 years ago
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Wow they really have progressed quickly! Great! I hope mine progress that well!!!You are freakin gorgeous btw. Love that gauge in your ear too!!

heather ▲
6 years ago
10 posts

Wow! They progressed so fast and turned out so beautiful. I love the blue at 7 months, and then the way it is growing out.. it looks amazing with the bright blue tips!

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