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Dreaded be The Zombie

6 years ago
18 posts

I know that you all know that I have done this a hundred times.. Introduced myself and my dreads. Name is Chelsey, nickname is Zombie for many reasons--mainly philosophical and spiritual, strange, I know, but a different post all together. Now, back to my dreadies...Unfortunately, I have never actually stuck with my dreadlocks. I don't know why, maybe I needed the spiritual inclination or some mystical thing like that. Truthfully, I think I wasn't patient enough, or I thought that I had messed it up so I stopped. I have had my current set right now, for a month now. The last time I posted this, I made it seem like I was going to keep the last kind.

I had a mohawk, and then dreaded that. I wanted to keep it, but when I dreaded it it lasted for three weeks and then they washed out when I was in the shower one night. It was sad, and I was severely disappointed. So I left the dreadlock site for a while. Then I got back on nearing the ending of my high school career and said that I wanted to let my hair grow out so that I could do this, and so FINALLY my hair has grown to the point where I can have dreadlocks without them all washing out with each wash. I've had these for a month now, and I am very happy about this.

I made a few mistakes which you will surely read about in my discussions. I have taken care of them, though and they are now on their way to being cute little baby dreadlocks with their own personalities and characteristics that I enjoy very much. They are special to me, and it's something that I've wanted for what feels like a thousand years--to keep and love my dreadlocks. I have acquired this aspect of patience that I have needed to keep them for a while, and I really love them. I know more about dreadlocks than I know about myself almost, and for some reason that calms me, because I like to think that they are a part of me and I will eventually become a part of them, to where me worrying about how I'm going to keep them wont be such a hold on my mind.

Dreads should be fun, and natural. To me, they haven't been in the past, they'e been a hair style and I wasn't really dedicated. But I had waited for three months for my hair to grow out so that I could put them back in, and in that waiting I learned a bit of the patience that I would need to keep them. So, I will be posting here regularly so that you can see how they grow, and see that I, indeed keep them. :)

This site has helped me with a lot of my problems, and assuaged my fears and concerns very quickly. I love how beautiful everyone's dreadlocks are, and how different and personal they are in complete. It is amazing! I have been accepted by so many people and have seen new outlooks and things from others points of views.

This place is fantastic, and I thank everyone here for having the same issues, helping me fix them, and entertaining me and making me smile with your dread stories. :)

This is four days after I did them, and I dyed them, too. The roots were loose and they were just chilling on top of my head.

This is after one week, and four days. The dye had faded, and I had swam in a chlorine pool for about fourty five minutes and then let them air dry. The damage was bad, but they seemed to be forming pretty well.

This is two full weeks of dreads. I took this picture with a flash, so that you could kind of see the loose hair and the color of the hair. It was interesting to see what it was doing and how they were starting to move on their own and things.

I love them. :)

This is the side of my head after two weeks. Unfortunately on this side, is the side that the most forming has started, and the majority of my dreads are on that side lol my part is obvious.

After 3 weeks!!

I was so excited. My nephew and I were outside and I thought I'd take some pictures while the light was showing. They are totally crazy in this picture, and instead of me being weirded out or worried like I would have been, I'm totally loving the way they are themselves now. I will admit the wind was blowing, but it is still cool, to me. :)

Okay, This is ONE MONTH. <3

I was so happy to see how they'd visibly changed with nothing but separating, a little bit of crocheting(which I stopped doing, it was a mistake), and washing.

One Month, and One Week.

Five Weeks.

I am also writing a blog dedicated to my dreadlocks, if you want to check it out.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,514 posts

awesome and i really hope u do keep em..hey do u have a link on your blog to here? i think i may have seen it show up in the referrals lit b4 not sure (theres a few dozen blogs linking here just thought i saw yours show up recently)

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
6 years ago
18 posts

I mentioned the site in one of my posts yesterday, so that may have been it! I accredit my success a lot to this website, honestly, so I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up a few times. :) Thanks for reading it. I'm hoping to keep my dreads for a while and I love how they are looking. :3

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