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Natural Dreads At Lightning Speed (updated)

Rebekah Shupe
10 years ago
22 posts

SO...I've been having a minor conflict for the past little while. I'm not sure if I want to continue my natural set, or if I want to comb out the current progress and TnR them or have them backcombed. I've heard how damaging backcombing can be, so I'm not sure about going with that method, but my hair is just being so difficult I'm not sure what else to do. I do have a couple of dreads that have been coming together really well, but the majority are forming up funny...just becoming massive balls that climb up my head and I don't want literal hair balls all over the place. So, I'm not sure what to do just yet...I would love a few opinions though.

* * *

Ok, I haven't updated this thing in over a month...oops. My separation problem was temporarily solved by loosely wrapping some of the developing dreads with yarn for about a week until the surrounding ones locked up a little bit more. Result: Wrapped dreads are tighter, and there are less masses of loose hairs to congo. So, I am pretty satisfied with that. I will say that when I mean that I wrapped them loosely, I mean that I had to push the top of the yarn back up multiple times a day, and the dreads were not being squeezed, so there's no pinched spots in my dreads.

Separating is definitely getting easier...I still have to separate daily, but it's gotten SOOO much better from where it was a month ago.

So, as for phone camera sucks and I'm pretty sure that my hair is impossible to photograph with it. Try as I may, I just cannot get a good picture of what's going on with my dreads, but I've put up the best I could manage for now. These pictures are from almost 7 weeks now, and unfortunately, they make it look like I've got some serious issues going on with loose hair joining with dreads at all angles...I just didn't separate again before taking the pictures, but I did separate my hair this afternoon, so you'll see how quick it undoes my organizing lol

Alright, just a really quick update, but I'll put up pictures today or tomorrow. I've discovered the way to keep this nightmare separated! I experimented on half of my head first and the results have been pretty good :) I bought the dread locking gel from and pinned half of my hair at the back of my head away from the rest and then just kept the locks secured with one large hair band just loosely tied around them. Start at the top layers of hair and sort of work your way back as if you're making multiple rows...mine aren't straight, but it helped me keep track of where all of my dreads were forming. With each naturally forming section, you get it out of the congo it's started forming over the past few hours and take the loose hairs that have been catching the other sections at the root and wrap them around the main section. You are not twisting and ripping, just showing your hair where it's home is! Get some gel and put it along the entire section, root to tip. (I used a lot because my hair is so long) Then you just flip that section over to the other side of your head, pin it if necessary, and move on. The whole process on just one side of my head took .... 2 and a half hours?? But I have got a TON of hair!

After 2 days, most of those sections are still there and I can find them and manage other loose hairs pretty easily. Which is pretty damn impressive compared to how hard it was to section before. I'll put up pictures as soon as I can...happy dreading! --

Ok, so now we're a couple weeks shy of 2 weeks and I've definitely had some progress...some of it was undone throughout the week however, due to knots knotting too quickly...but I'm working on that.


I started naturally dreading one week ago as of tomorrow morning. My hair has never stayed tangle free in all my life, so I guess letting it go has caused my hair to throw a party. It started out with only the underside of my hair forming a massive knotted mess, and it has sectioned off and spread out into the topside of my hair at warp speed, no joke. I was expecting to have a little progress and some awesome locks at about two months or so, just based on what I'd read and seen on here, so I was not prepared for what my hair has done.

I have to section my hair at least twice a day, more is better though, or I start finding congos forming in it. I've actually got a few locks in there that look like dreads now, crazy. I think it is interesting, because while I am very excited that my hair is all for the idea of dreads, it has made it difficult to keep my dreads small. I intend to have dreads bigger than I am sectioning right now, but I figured that if I start them smaller than I want, I will have less of a chance of having massive locks sneaking up on me between separating, and I can let them join with other small dreads when they stop being this greedy.

That is where I was at the end of the first day, and here is where I am now...


updated by @rebekah-shupe: 02/14/15 04:43:06AM
Alive She Cried
10 years ago
51 posts

i have been natural formonthsand mine haven't progressed as much as your first picture haha, lookin lovely sister~

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,589 posts

They are coming along amazing for only a week and they are going to look awesome on you

32 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 12 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Rebekah Shupe
10 years ago
22 posts

Before I started dreading, I'd have to comb out huge knots that would form in my hair by my neck a few times a day EVERY day...I didn't realize that it was my hair trying to form dreads. It seems like my hair has wanted to do this for a long time.
10 years ago
90 posts
Crazy amazing! :)
Rebekah Shupe
10 years ago
22 posts

Thanks :)

Circle Dancer
10 years ago
121 posts

Awesome! My hair is the same way, it just WANTS to dread.

10 years ago
29 posts

Lookin good! Throw us some updates down the line, will you? That is some serious progress in such a short time! Imagine how they will look in a year.

10 years ago
44 posts

Yeah, you've got some fiiiiine looking dreads coming up! :)

10 years ago
70 posts

thats impressive! lighting speeds indeed

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