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7 years ago
275 posts
Awesome! Yours and your hubby's. You both have some fat ones...very nice.
updated by @jdwood: 07/22/15 06:51:06AM
7 years ago
836 posts
Very very nice! lovin the texture!!!!!
Panterra Caraway
7 years ago
665 posts
They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and hubby both! WOW! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! They really are beautiful hunie! <3<3<3
Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
inspirational!!! <3
7 years ago
849 posts
aww thanks for the encouragement guys! Mine are still pretty wild and certainly have a mind of their own! lol! all though they seem to be starting to grow up a bit! Much Love
Summer Santos
7 years ago
9 posts
Luv Em Both!
7 years ago
12 posts
I think I drooled a bit looking at these pics lol they look sooooo good
7 years ago
1,294 posts
i'm speechless. wow.
7 years ago
115 posts

You and your husband have awesome dank locks!

love em love em

7 years ago
20 posts

I am in awe. So amazing.

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