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Dready Goodness. TnR timeline. Four Month Update.

Lu A
7 years ago
66 posts

I'm at three months tomorrow, so this as good a time as any to start a timeline. Before dreads I changed my hair alot with lots of cuts and colours

This is my hair in a bit of a mohawk (the sides are grown out)

And this is brown with blonde highlight (a few months before blueish green, which I don't have a pic of)

Then I rocked a fro for a little while as I gre my hair out, with dreads in the back of my mind

I started my dreads on January 24th with twist and rip, sitting in front of the tv and doing them absently. Finally finished in the wee hours of the 27th, because I stopped in the middle of all that to go to school lol. Here's what I ended up with

that was after the first wash because I washed em right away

I don't have many pics between week 1 and week 7 or in because I was HATING my hair, I was keeping it tied up all the time, and this is the only (pretty blurry) pic I have, from week 4. I also only have this because it was my friends birthday, a black and gold theme lol

Around week 6 i started to love my hair, because this is what started happening

Fun curly dreads!

Loops! Oh my!

I got so excited I put some deco in my hair

That is what they looked like at the end of two months

This is week 9 or 10

Four Month Update

Hit four months a few days ago and my locks are definitely becoming more defined. They are still very frizzy and messy but I like that. I did trim a few in the back because they are several inches longer and it looked awkward.

This is an individual one. They all more or less look like these, with a defined body and then crazy curls and loops at the end

updated by @lu-a: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,334 posts

they look great :)

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Lu A
7 years ago
66 posts

Thanks :) I'm pretty happy with 'em

And I actually miss the fro sometimes, but dreads are really awesome too

Neurotic Envelope said:

Looking great! :)
The fro is pretty cool too
Lu A
7 years ago
66 posts

Four Months! Woot!

They are now at the point where people can actually tell that my hair is dreading/dreaded which is pretty exciting. However, I've also started wearing my hair with the front dreads swept to the side because of an unfortunate situation happening at my hairline lol. Major frizz.

updated by @lu-a: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
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