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TnR update

5 years ago
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Lol! That was what I was hinting at!! There's so much to see here and I live here!!! A nice place to visit
ā˜® soaring eagle ą„
5 years ago
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i once drove for 2 weeks looking for something that didn't really exist (in the form i thought anyway) with no real idea where the thing we were looking for wasĀ  (we thought southern oregon though) i have no idea where all we ended upĀ Ā  n cali s oregon all overĀ  totaly lost but totaly in awe.. somehow ended up on an 80 mle froadĀ  from cali back into oregon, butĀ  had 1-3 trees down across the road every 200-400 feet 5 people would jump out move a tree we'd drive 20 or 50 feet have to move anotherĀ  and another .. with no way of turning around, and 80 long miles to go

we made it 20 before finding a lace to urn around

on the way back in 3 or 4 places, 1/2 the road had simly dropped of the cliff .. leaving just enough roomĀ  for 1'2 the tire to be over the edge

it was quite the advetureĀ  just drivig at random hoping to find something we had no idea where it was (we originaly had 2 vehicles, we broke down ..not for long but long enough for the vehicle with the directions to go on without us)

funny thing is.. they found the place but it was absoluuuuuuutely nothing like what we thought we were looking for

to this day i run into people in random parts of the country that reminice about being inĀ  1Ā  of the 2 veiclesĀ  cause we neve r could figure out who had the craziest trip

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Bazooka Guru
5 years ago
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ā˜® soaring eagle ą„:

ok we need ya all to take some amazing shots in nature ..igh quality ones we can feature you both have truly inspirational locks

If we ever get a break from the rain here I'll bust my camera out!šŸ˜Š
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