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3rd Journey

last year
12 posts
Peaceful passer, what do you use to wash your locks!!! I love your progress!! It's my 3rd time too and I completely understand the spiritual journey, I feel it too. I usually never wear make up either (my profile photo is my latest photo on my tablet of my hair)
11 months ago
233 posts
I use Vicki’s dreadlock shampoo! I love the patchouli and activated charcoal! Dragons blood smells amazing but I haven’t tried it yet.
9 months ago
233 posts
Three monthish update. Going well. Blessings with the new season ❤️
7 months ago
12 posts
Since my hair is so short, my locks are finally becoming more defined!!
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Gazzunger the Grey
6 months ago
82 posts

Hi to all dreadys across the water and anywhere else....Hope 2020 has been o.k. for you, your loved ones and dreads too...

We are o.k. in the sleepy Southwest of England, hoping for a better 2021.  

My dreads are progressing slowly but surely; got use to waiting for them to go at there own speed recent photos,,,,will try and find one of my best friend to entertain you...

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updated by @gazzunger-the-grey: 12/31/20 05:25:36PM
6 months ago
32 posts
I love you human. It really frees me to dread also.

Signed with Love, Jolly! May my journey of finding myself inspire you to search for yourself! FROM FLORIDA WITH CARE!
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