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Natural dreadlocks, from day 0

6 months ago
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We love to visit our local parks, it's sad the trash people leave, my children and I gather what we see, it brings us joy to see nature without the junk!!
6 months ago
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@peaceful-passer - Hi 😊 That’s a wonderful thing to do with your family, when I have kids I’d like to do the same. I want to invest in one of those grabber sticks so I can get to the things in the bushes without getting my hair all stuck 😂
6 months ago
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Lol! I'm always picking stickers and bushes out 🙄 I figure if it comes up it's evidence PhD as active day lol! I wish I'd remember to bring gloves... that sit by the door haha
6 months ago
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Hey @tashtash if you're into litter picking have a look here

There are beach and river clean events all over the country througout the year and the organisers post them up on here so you can get involved. you just make an account then go onto the event you want to attend and click register and they will give you the details. 

I did 2 last summer and am booked on to do one next month too.

I'm on Twitter @FemalePheromone
and Instagram @FemalePheromones
Gazzunger the Grey
5 months ago
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TashTash: Hi all 👋🏻 Hope everyone is good, I have loads of daily photos to upload at some point (think I’ll dig out my laptop to do it on though!) I’m now at around 7 1/2 months, and things are getting a lot more knotty! I have one congo (not huge thankfully!) because I neglected to separate for a while, but I actually really like it! My sections like to spiral around each other and these two just fused in the middle, but like I said, the root section is not huge so I’m not too worried about it. I have quite a few bumps and loops popping up, loads of loose hair still, and very little change at the front of my head, but I know that’s the last to lock up anyway. It’s grown approximately 6 inches and has filled out a lot which I think is the trapped natural shed hair making everything more mane-like! I tried a few loose cross-cross hair wraps on the dreads that like to suck all surrounding hair in because I was worried they were going to become massive sections, and I liked the wraps, it kept everything somewhat separated when things got mad busy for me. I’m still having to wear my hair up a lot for work, for safety unfortunately so there’s no real getting around that, but I’m letting it all loose as soon as possible to give it as much ‘down-time’ as I can. As for other updates, Billy the orphaned kitten (now around 9 months old) had a run in with either another cat, a bird, or possibly a twig, but whatever it was damaged his eye quite badly and it had to be removed 😢 so he’s now affectionately known as ‘One-eyed Will’ not that I think he even notices that he only has one eye now, it hasn’t really changed him at all! I’m still practicing a mostly vegetarian diet (still eating fish and seafood around twice a week) and I’m working on cutting it out completely. I’m also looking at cutting down on rubbish (any tips are welcome and fully encouraged!) I’m trying and mostly failing to grow my own fruits and vegetables, I have limited space and no green thumb! So far the only promising plant I have is six pea sprouts, but that’s six more than I’ve ever had before, so it’s a win? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And I’m trying to make ‘Rubbish Walks’ an at least monthly thing in my local woods (picking up litter while walking, and disposing of it properly, recycling what I can) it’s actually quite fun! And I was on a short girls holiday recently, near the Welsh coast, where we found a stall that did ‘Rubbish Beach Walks’ and work to keep the oceans rubbish free, they made things out of the rubbish they collected and I brought a lovely bowl made out of discarded rope! My next green project (when I have the funds) is a composting dog waste bin, because our current solution to our GSD Luther’s ‘leavings’ is unfortunately the general waste bin (we’ve tried flushing it and it clogs the toilet, yes they are that big 🤮) and no, he will absolutely not ‘go’ during a walk, nowhere but our small garden! We took him camping with us for a week and he was distraught, he held it for two days and would then only do it right outside the tent! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway, I’m rambling a bit now, oh! I’m also weight training again when I have the time, me and a friend are entering a competition in September I think, so that’s exciting! Ok, I’m done now, hope you’re all awesome, tell me what’s going on with you 😊

Hi dread Folks...been a bit distracted lately...  became a Grandad 2 weeks ago, lovely little fella called Jack... had to tie hair and beard back so could hold him without getting hair in his face.  He is usually to busy sleeping to notice anyway....

@tashtash  can relate that big congo too,  Ive got one right at the back (Derek) who was my first and most troublesome dread to form, he seems to suck in surrounding hairs trying to make the roots end too large, hence i have to thin/separate base hairs often...  

I've been trying "Grown your own/" too my peas survived slug and bird attack only to eventually succumb to blackbirds uprooting them just as they were big enough to pick - phooey!  aw well try again....   Apples seem to be ok though and have a few gallons of cider in the back of my homemade cider in my shed maturing nicely.    H

Love GSDs too (despite having been bitten by a few)  shared a house with two years ago and they were noisy, but lovely big softys with me and owners. Does your "Luther" bark a lot when people call around?  it seems to be a trait of most GSDs i've met.

Ooops,  realise this isn't posted in quite the right subject about a self sufficency/grow your own section? 

Bazooka Guru
4 months ago
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@gazzunger-the-grey congrats on the grandbabe!💕

I'd love any section that covers the topic of growing. All mine are houseplants, but I'm hoping next year to do some gardening too now that every plant i look at doesn't die.😂
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