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My own natural dreads progress

6 months ago
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Here are some pictures from about ~2 months into natural dreading progress. Washing with dreadlockshampoo liquid twice a week and DIY sea salt "accelerator." (I put it in quotes since it doesn't seem to be accelerating anything) I actually have 3 lengths of hair: undercut, adjusted undercut that's growing out (first undercut was done by a pro that cut a bit too high, the rest are my girlfriend's help) and the regular long hair. The undercut will be staying, the adjusted that is growing out will be left to do its own dread dance.

And a quick question or two: I have some bleached parts (obviously) would it be wise or unwise to have some more parts bleached at this point? And would washing 3 times per week help at all? As you can see from the one picture I'm kinda sparse (damn you genetics!) on top.

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6 months ago
41 posts

uhh, i can't speak for the bleaching part, but yay! looking forward to this journey! :)

70b4r 7h3 1337m31573r
6 months ago
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what i noticed is that the dreading kinda goes in fases. Nothing rly happens for some time (maybe some time of existing knots), and then suddenly after washing you have a few new dreads. I dont really think more washing would speed up this progress. The way i see it, ur hair has to kinda "build up" a baseline of knottyness, and only then will you get dreads. This obviously happens in different speeds in different areas. It's probably not how it goes for everyone, but this is how it went for me, so if it goes this way for you aswell, washing probably wont help.

6 months ago
18 posts

Thanks for the replies, guys =) I was thinking bleaching would be OK as long as it doesn't damage the hair so much it becomes brittle and just breaks off. And from every other time I've had some bleached accents (around 18-19 until my current age of 3*(#$*ahem*ahem*cough*@?) I've never had that problem. And I should learn to be patient...especially that I'm going natural this time. I've tried forced times before and it never really worked out right. I'd eventually either cut them off or have them combed out (painful and basically a not-my-idea-wait-oh-fine).

I'm thinking of either monthly progress photos or photos when I notice a big enough change to warrant photos. Woo! Dreads!

3 months ago
42 posts

I personally wouldn't bleach but that's just me. I find anything that can cause breakage will eventually cause damage, especially if someone has a woops... This is a drastic example but I had a good friend who had her hair done every few months for years, then one time she got someone who messed up- her normal person wasn't available and suggested someone else; her hair fell off, she went from hair mid arm to barely enough to call a pixie, it was a mistake on the stylists part but that knowledge didn't bring her hair back ! :( 

The washing, what I did was stop water washing everyday but cut back to 2/3 times a week using just water. For years now I've only washed my hair every 3 weeks using 1/3 acv and 2/3 water then rinsing well. I posted my journey. It could be my hair type, or that I have a lot of hair, but I found my dreads have formed nicely with minimal effort rather quickly. 

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