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Estimated Freeform Timeline (curly hair)

2 years ago
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Greetings everyone!

Today is roughly my 6 month free forming anniversary, and I'm a relatively new member so I figured what better time to start documenting my journey!(:

A brief explanation of my dread journey, I use to be a very different person then I am today. After an intense life changing experience that brought me completely into my heart space and showed me how great of a capacity we humans have to love, however, I could no longer be that person, and have decided not to cut my hair as an outward symbol of the inward change.

Dreading was an obvious choice for me, since my hair is so thick and curly it would be unmanageable if not dreaded, and is virtually impossible to comb anyways.

I may have hindered some of the dreading process by wearing cotton headbands, so I plan to lessen that practice from this point forward, and end it all together once my hair is long enough. My main reason for this was to keep from accidentally burning my hair while holding a sacrament of herbs, but I think I'm near the end of needing to do this.

I had a lot of tight curls that were already sort of separated when I started, and they seem to be dreading in on themselves slowly over time, some have congo'd with other curls, and in 2 places small baby dreads have began to Congo, one fully and one only half way up the dreads. I have roughly 15 areas that are knotted into a section solidly enough that I would call them an "official dread", with many areas still eagerly awaiting their time to shine ^_^

Anyways, here they are! I guess I'll start calling March 12th my dreadiversary and make today the official six month mark, I'll be back in December for a 9 month check in!(:

Peace love and prosperity all!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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looks like they are progressing well

they look great too

awesome hair for dreading btw

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2 years ago
35 posts

Update: 8 months

ok, so i'm coming up on the 8 month mark, 2 months using vicki's liquid shampoo, and my dreads are progressing SO MUCH FASTER then before i used it! I figured it would be best to post an update with pictures since they're picking up speed.

these pictures are spread out over the last 2 months, the better quality ones are from today. i put them half up to show the immense progress the back and sides have made, the main area that isnt dreaded is on top and in my bangs.

i separate by pulling hairs out of the wrong dread their in, instead of ripping, so its taking a while for all the little hairs to settle and cease. I also had to undread a significant section from a larger dread that had congo'd because it was pulling wrong, and I don't want to deal with it later on. theirs a picture of the undreaded section and the congo it came from in the mix. i've done this in a total of 3 places that were just too awkwardly connected.

i put a little bit of the magic locking gel on this undreaded section after. just to give it a little better chance of catching up to everything, but i've stopped using the gel since.

anyways, take care everyone! peace and love (:Photo Nov 08 4 51 37 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 08 4 51 43 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 08 4 54 24 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 08 4 54 37 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 08 4 55 23 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 08 4 55 47 PM.jpgPhoto Oct 01 9 15 19 AM.jpgPhoto Oct 01 9 28 06 AM.jpgPhoto Oct 09 10 16 19 AM.jpgPhoto Oct 13 2 36 09 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 01 7 14 21 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 23 6 27 07 AM.jpgPhoto Sep 24 12 25 53 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 25 9 27 08 AM.jpgPhoto Sep 25 9 27 22 AM.jpgPhoto Sep 25 9 27 35 AM.jpg

Photo Nov 08 4 51 34 PM.jpg

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