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Natural/Neglect Dreadlocks Timeline, Fine and Wavy Hair

Cody Harder
7 years ago
30 posts


so, yeah, more or less, my sections are getting more defined and, er, together. Sometimes I'm going through my sections and am like, "Wow, a baby dread! Oooh, I can feel the knots on this one. look at those loops!" And then a day or two later, it's gone and some other one's have started to be weird. So it comes and goes


updated by @cody-harder: 07/22/15 06:34:57AM
7 years ago
198 posts

Your sections are definitely looking more defined! I tried the dreadlockshampoo once and it made my hair super soft, it took out my tnr baby dreads instantly :( I didn't know it would create residue though, that sucks. Just stay patient and enjoy the journey! Do you use sea salt spray? I noticed that has helped my hair A LOT.

Moon Child
7 years ago
51 posts
This gives my hair some hope because my hair is the same way, fine and wavy, and my hair looks about like how yours did in the earlier stage.Much love, man! Can wait to see how your journey goes on!Mama, can I make my own sea salt spray? With sea salt and water :P
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