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My twist'n'rip dreadlocks - 4 months

4 years ago
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Hi, I'm Kelly.

When I first thought about getting dreads I got a lot of information from this site and I thought about how I'll post photos every month but... now I've already had dreads for 4 months and I just made an account.

I had wanted to get dreads for some time but never did because I didn't know any loctitians and didn't really want to spend money on them when I finally found out that you can make them yourself. Without thinking about it I made my first ones with a mixture of backcombing and twist'n'rip.

Hair before:

First ones:

Then I started reading about them a lot on the internet and found out that dreads actually form on their own. So I decided to start the bottom half with twist'n'rip and let the top half on my hair do it's thing.. but I was really impatient and kept making new ones until over the course of a week most of my hair was dreaded.

Unfortunately I have only a few bad quality photos and I don't know exactly when they were taken. That's what it looked like in about a month. The front is not dreaded.

For the first month I washed with BS/ACV but I stopped because it was really bad for my scalp. I started using a 100% natural soap.

From 1 to 2 months my hair got so messy, the loops started forming, the bottom half of the dreads had unraveled and I had a lot of loose hair. Most of the time I have my hair up in a bun.

3 months:

At 4 months they have gotten a lot thicker. I have two with crazy loops. I feel like most have also shrunken a lot but it still looks the same lenght because of the ones that haven't.

Also the frizziness was driving me crazy so I put some rubber bands in. Don't worry I won't hold them in for long.


and after rubber bands

Let me know what you think and I'll keep you guys posted.


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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love those loopy ones :)

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Abby lamar
4 years ago
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looking good! ive only had mine for two months, my hsair is already shrinking a bunch, lol i hope it doesnt shrink too much, today is two months exactly, i attached a pic from one month and then two month

4 years ago
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Thank you.

Shrinking can be scary, my loopy ones are half the lenght they were before :D

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