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Harmony's Totally natural Dread Timeline in Progress ***17 MONTH UPDATE!!***

Harmony Moon
6 years ago
14 posts

This is at about near three months. I did nothing..Nada. Just washed aboout twice a week, three times at the most. Oh! And spent a week at the beach in Costa Rica, (I bet that helped!)

Maybe 3 1/2 or so...ish.

These two are at about 4 monthsish

The underneath part is shrinking!

Bout 4 1/2 here

This one is from today. Lets call it 5 months. I don't really know the exact date I started the dread journey because inside my head I've had them ALL along!!


Hey everybody!! I finally got around to taking some more pic of my Dreadies! Pics aren't great though, I will get a kid to take them for me next time!

These are all at about 6 1/2 months or so? TONS of shrinkie shrinkie!!

Some of em are fat with a super long skinny tail. And some skinny with a fat lollipop end!

Gotta love the PJ's.....O_o

Below...Are some Lollipop Dreads.

Now we have some Long-tail guys.

By the way.

LOVE my Locking up Liquid!! Smells fantastic, rinses CLEAN and no itchy scalp!

Thanks for looking!! SEE YOU AGAIN SOOONNNN>>>>>

**************************************************************************************Hello Hello Again my fellow dread lovers!!!

It has been about 17 months or so since I started this crazy ride.

What can I say? Hmmmmm...


Here are some pics!!

Seriously this to when I started! WHAT???!?! Crazy RIGHT??

And check out the sides!!!! Sooo short......

ANNDDDD.....Some of them are crazy fat as well. I let do their own thing and fat is what I got!! LOL.

I worry about how big some of them are, though, because it takes ALL day to dry.

Okay, Ookay...Sorry about soooo many photos! i always wanna see more when I'm looking at timelines so I overcompensated here!

See You Next Time.......:) ** :)

updated by @harmony-moon: 11/10/15 08:26:12PM
Nicole Schaefer
6 years ago
71 posts

they are soo beautiful!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
29,273 posts

my dreads wanna get all tangled up with your dreads

but i dont blame them your dreads are so beautiful

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
6 years ago
174 posts

Gorgeous dreads :)

Harmony Moon
6 years ago
14 posts

Wow. Thanks Guys!! :)

Tina Mother's Milk
6 years ago
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christina bird
6 years ago
54 posts


Harmony Moon
6 years ago
14 posts
You are exactly right! The roots in my head had them all along and I'd been fighting it!! Such a waste of time. So glad I finally let go. :)

Noodle-Doo said:

Wow they knotted up fast!
Such lovely hair :)
And love that white jumper - (I really wanna crochet something like that).
"Inside my head I've had them all along" - love that so much!
Looks like your hair was born to dread, so maybe the roots in your head had them all along too...

6 years ago
5 posts

Very beautiful! It looks like we have similarly textured hair so you've giving me a great visual to look forward to! Keep the pictures coming as you progress!

Harmony Moon
6 years ago
14 posts

Posted some new pics at the bottom of the original ones!! :))

updated by @harmony-moon: 07/27/15 08:20:04AM
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