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dread support..?

ashley ✿
5 years ago
167 posts

i'm having a hard time with my family, always commenting on how bad my dreads look, and random peole at that. I had some girl attack me saying, "girls with dreads are not attractive" (she may have attacked me because i stood up to her about messing with a transgendered friend of mine) But i have had people mess with me about them so much, it's just..ugh!

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Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

hi ashley i have absolutely no idea how that blank reply got posted. sorry for that lol.

okay well dreads are more of a spiritual journey and a rebellious statement than just a hairstyle. jerks like that other girl may never understand it so its best to just ignore n give her a chance to look more attractive than u for once.. :) its great that u stood by ur friend and defended him/her. congratulations for that. :)

as far as family is concerned they are the ones who have spent most time with u and they are so much used to seeing u the way they have for all these years that they might find it a little hard to digest the change in ur appearance these days. just give them some time. they love u, just assure them n make them realise that u r still that same person, they will adjust slowly.

for 'people' who mess with u for ur dreads dont even bother. they hardly matter anything to u in ur life. dreads are sexy n are really attractive. keep them clean n healthy and let them mature. more than how they look, its how u carry them along is what is more important. if u carry them along with confidence u instantly start lookin good with them. u may be wearing the best dress in this world, might be sportin the best hairstyle and make up in the world... but if u arent comfortable in it u'll still look awkward and ugly, no matter what. good luck for ur dreadlock journey n peace to u . :)

B likes Tea
5 years ago
21 posts

Sometimes you just have to shake things off and not let silly people bother you! Who cares what other people think? No one else's opinions matter as long as YOU like your hair! People will always try to hurt you where they think you are vulnerable, so you just have to respond to people's negativity in a positive way!

If someone tells me "Your hair looks stupid!" I just shrug my shoulders and say "Well, I like it!" Usually people don't know what to do and just shut up haha

Kerry LoCo
5 years ago
46 posts

Standing up for your friend is an awesome thing.

As for the girl with the nasty comments, ignore her. I know, easier said than done, but people like that feed on negativity and are only doing it to get a rise (or a fight) out of you. If you just ignore her, there is hope that she will eventually tire of it and leave you alone.

Mikael Serres
5 years ago
10 posts

Bauty really is just a matter of taste. As long as YOU like your hair, this is was is important. If you feel comfortable with your look, then ignore other people's opinion about it.

Light Faerie ~
5 years ago
34 posts

Dreads are awesome girl. You don't have them for just any old reason.. they are important to YOU. If you like it then it shouldn't matter what people you don't even care about think about your hair.

Your parents will love you no matter what, just like someone else has stated. If it really makes them uncomfortable then put your hair up in a bun when around them. They will eventually get over it, though.

It's JUST hair!

~ Much Love to you

ashley ✿
5 years ago
167 posts

thank you guys, i was just having a rough day, this place is full of such supportive people. thank you all for your kind words and advice(:

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