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Dealing with less than positive reactions

Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

Exactly Rose....I think dreads are sexy

updated by @star-gryphon: 07/22/15 11:38:01AM
6 years ago
92 posts


6 years ago
92 posts

did he respond after?

B likes Tea
6 years ago
21 posts

He didn't end up responding, so I'm just hoping that what I said was informative for him and others who were thinking similarly! =]

Thank you all for your support! You are all sowonderful!

Alyssa Metzger
6 years ago
3 posts
This makes my soul smile!! Lovely.
6 years ago
80 posts

I feel for you. I just started, but I've already felt the conflict. No one on my facebook is even responding to the photo I posted. :P Your hair looks beautiful, and it's all about what makes you feel awesome and beautiful, right? In my imagination women in Jesus days might have had very similar hair.

6 years ago
42 posts

Very awesome way to handle the situation


6 years ago
6 posts

Well said hun, you put it perfectly

6 years ago
22 posts

You're a beautiful rockstar.

6 years ago
15 posts

made my day :)

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