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Dreadlocks at school??

Janell Draper
4 years ago
9 posts

My 5 year old was growing dreads and they insisted she comb them out. Some mean kid had thrown sand in hair. I got most of it out. But I knew the rest would take time. But they kept saying that her hair was to unruly and something needed to be done. They even were going to have her play salon with some other girls brush and do each others hair. To avoid conflict we combed out what we could and cut what we couldn't. She now has an a-symetrical pixie cut. The back is buzzed kinda on the longer side. When the back grows out some more I am going to make synthetic kanekalon dreads and put them in. She can have those till she finishes school in May. After that I will take them out and let it dread naturally. She will not be going back to school in the fall. We plan to travel full time and she will began homeschool.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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i wouldnt have let them get away with that

to avoid conflict? where would we be without conflict?

life would be hell without it everyone would be slaves with no rights at all all because they wanted to avoid conflict..the conflict that was nesacary to free themselves society cannot progress without conflict (non violent conflict i mean)

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Janell Draper
4 years ago
9 posts

Well, she is still going to get back her dreads just in more neat way. Like I said I am going to make her some synthetic kanekalon dreads and then they will be less unruly and by the time she is out of school they will have helped the natural process speed up.

4 years ago
174 posts

I started dreading my senior year of high school, I live in North Central area of the US, and no administrators ever said anything. I did get questions and the usual stares though. No underclassmen dared to say anything, and there was a guy whom whenever he saw me would quickly call out my FULL name followed by I LIKE YOUR DREADS! Everytime. :)
Just go with it and enjoy your journey. like everyone else said, you have rights. Just be peaceful and informative. :)

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