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Do they need to be 'redid'?

8 years ago
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So today I was heading to class and I made it to the bus stop. The driver wasn't there and the bus door was closed. There were two guys outside just waiting so I went to the Dunkin Donuts. When I came out I headed towards the bus the two guys left as well. When I made it to the door the two guys were behind me. So one guy says to me

"Your dreads are very nice, when are you going to get them redone?"

I looked at him, shocked by what he just said.

"Redone, I don't." I said

"So you are just going to leave it like it is? You can't just go and get it redone so that it grows long and sexy?" The guy asks. His friend seems to not want any part of the conversation. I look at the guy who is talking and say "That is how they fall out." I got on the bus and went to my seat and did some homework.

It kills me because I started noticing some looks people give me. A lot of people that have locks in this area do get their hair tightened but its expensive and when I did my roots became a bit weak . I have only been free forming for over a month (closer to two) . Im not saddened or anything Im just shocked at what this dude said. He started out hitting on me and just ended up pissing me off. Is my hair really bad?

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Panterra Caraway
8 years ago
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Your locs look fine. You don't need to do anything. That guy was a misinformed jackass. I hate the way people just feel compelled to let you know what you need. I would've said..."Damn, I am sure sexy already and I will only get moreso as the months go by...and I don't need any help or advice...thanks!" Blessings sister :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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haha what?

if anything i think they still show signs of problems from having been "done" to begin with they are looking great and i think he just knew nothing about dreads


they dont need ti ve done to grow long and sexy let alone be rdone

anything that is redone after being done has to be undone 1st

once its done its done unles its undone then redone it makes no sense

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My dreads are over 10 feet long

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8 years ago
140 posts

Thanks everyone. I just told my sister what happened today and she pretty much sides with the guy who made that comment. She said that I should just go to a stylist. She said my grandfather and other relatives felt the same way :(. We all live in the same area and no one said boot about my hair until my sister came down to visit.

Patty Haynes
8 years ago
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Open mouth insert foot...sounds to me like he was trying to make conversation and screwed up a little. Sometimes people get nervous by the sexiness :)

8 years ago
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I agree with Patty Haynes. Sounds like that guy doesn't know much about dreads. Maybe he thought you would be flattered by his unasked-for suggestions. Some men have VERY strange ideas about what it takes to charm a woman. :-)

Tara C
8 years ago
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What? Your dreads look awesome. I guess people just have their own views on it. My mum often asks why I don't go to the "African place that does it, so they know what they're doing". I try to explain to her why I don't want or need to have it done by a salon or anything, but hey, some people are hard to convince

8 years ago
140 posts

Thanks everyone! Im just glad that I am not the only one.

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