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7 years ago
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i've been stressing for the last few weeks about the hearing i needed to attend to get a permanent restraining order against an ex. i dealt with multiple police officers and court employees who were extremely rude and condescending, even though i had tangible proof of violence and i was very respectful. one cop even said my hair made me look like a low life. i was really upset, it hurt my feelings and i thought my hair might (god forbid) prevent me from succeeding in protecting myself.

i considered covering my hair up with a scarf or a tam and even thought about combing my hair out again. but i didnt. as i was trying to figure out how to wrap my damn head this morning, i kept thinking to myself that this is not the type of girl i am. even before i began dreading, people's negative opinions of me didn't matter. and if it did bother me, it only made me more headstrong in my ways.

i handed the scarf back to my mom and said thanks but i'm just going to wear it down. she said she thought that was the best idea=]. i dressed nicely and took out my beads and all the other danglies and bells but i just let my hair be its natural funky self. i was second guessing myself by the time i got to the courthouse today, but it was one of the best ideas i've had.

my restraining order was granted(until 2014! whoop whoop!) in less than 5 minutes of being sworn in and while i was waiting for my copies, the bailiff came to ask me how long i'd had dreads. i told him not very long, a little less than a month and a half. he was really sweet about it and complimented them. turns out his teenage son wants dreads but he wasn't really sure he was going to allow it. i referred him to this site and hopefully he'll let him be one of our dread buddies soon.

i'm glad i didn't let all the negativity over the past few weeks break my will. its been a very tough experience for me. i almost gave in to all the bull but i finally just said fuck this, i'm not the one on trial here. and i'm not. i did nothing wrong. shame on those who tried to make me feel like shit when i was already terrified. after the talking to the bailiff, i've never been so proud of my hair.

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Star Mercer
7 years ago
34 posts
I love this and love you for standing up and being yourself!!! Congratulations on the restraining order and I wish you the best!!!
7 years ago
26 posts
thanks, i'm just glad its finally over!! everything about it was a hassle and a half.
andy macleod
7 years ago
15 posts
well done im really glad that it ended like that, it just shows everything will turn out alright, maybe a few bumps in the road to get there but you were strong enough to be yourself and i think they respected that :) really happy for you and i hope everything goes well from here :Dpeace and love, Andy x
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