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She didn't like it...

Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts
So I was at the mall today and I went through one of the lines and the girl behind the counter couldn't speak much English but managed to say somethin resembling hair and shook her head.... Then she asked menwhy and told me she didn't like it... I was quite bothered but didn't know whether I should say anything back or not... I wanted to but she caught me by surprise more then anything.... It was pretty annoying and shocking all at once....And I keep getting asked if my dreads are falling out and I keep having to tell everyone that they are just starting....
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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,526 posts

theres only 1 thing to say to someone when they say that


who cares if a stranger in a line doesnt like your hair

you might not like her butt or breath or shoes or eyes or teeth

but you dont go up o strangers andsay i dont like your face do you?

by not pointig out what u dont like in others u just prove your a better person so just smile and say "you dont have to like it" and walk away smiling and dont let it ruin your day

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts
Yeah I just didn't say anything cause it caught me by surprise .... That was my first real experienc with anyone saying something that wasn't my family... So I just grabbed my food and walked away... Lol
Monte Jackson
7 years ago
34 posts
oh wow lol i would have said "your face...." and shook my head no hahahaha
7 years ago
336 posts
I think you did just right, she didn't deserve an answer. People just don't understand that natural doesn't look at ALL like crochet uniform dreads. People always exclaim "Why did you take them out!!" and I show them they are still there, lol, just healthy and softer'] Your look great!
Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts
I just kin of laughed at her and walked away... Maybe it was just in my head I dunno I just though it was funny... Lol but yeah I think it's my roots mostly but once they start coming together ithonk most of the stupid questions will slow down and I'll just get the "why did you get dreads" questions...
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