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Beginning Crochet Recovery....

Julie Ann
8 years ago
2 posts

On Feb 1 of 2010, I began my dreadventure. I've been maintaining my dreads with a crochet hook. It wasn't until last week (thanks to soaring eagle) that I was FINALLY told the bad things that can do.

I wanted to let you all know that I have put down the hook and am going to let my babies do what they need to do instead of what I want them to. This is going to be a true act of "letting go" for me. I have control issues.

Adding to that a new journey I've already been making in the way of meditation and accepting my mediumship role in the universe, I feel like this will be the actual beginning of my dreadventure because it is a time of complete self-renewal. I thank you and am glad to have you all be a part of it. You have officially become my "support group".

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,519 posts

throwing away the hook and letting go will be therapy for the control issues

thats the funny thing about this ive seen dreading cure control disorders like anorexia ocd and stuff..or ive seen control issues and dreading make it worse when u freed the issue by trying to control rthe dreading

ive seen ppl with controll issues crochet every single day everytime theyre hands were idle the hook would be poking holes and they were constantly disatisfied and saying theyre dreads looked like shit

my 1 freind actualy had bought 8 hooks just in case she lost 1

for some its the kinda thing that the only thing u can do is throw the hook away so theres no chance u use it and then just let go and go with the flow

congrats on the new beginning

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Mark Fry
8 years ago
39 posts


I am at the exact same stage as you. I waxed my dreads for the first month not knowing the damage this could have caused, I then decided to take up the crochetingtechniqueonly to get "hooked" (haha) on crocheting. I have been doing far too much for the last 3 months. I watched that video today and I too have started my journey of "letting go". I'm sure this will be the best method. Good luck in your dreads travels!

Oh yeah and keep up with the meditation. You should put good thoughts to your dreads when you meditate. I do!


8 years ago
4 posts

Same here!

I got my dreads done with a crochet, but found this place just a few days after. I never did any maintenance, I decided to just let my dreads be from now on. No maintenance other than healthy washing :)

Jaco Rossouw
6 years ago
9 posts

Hey Guys!!

just read this...if you guys are still on this site please share your crochet to naturalexperience! :)

Its almost two years later so i'm exited to see/hear the results! I am 6 months down the line on the same journey... have searched a lot buthaven'tfound any good pics of crochet to natural so ishouldlove you guys to share yourjourney:D Reading this has been such a blessing,

Much love and peace!!

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