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Discrimination against dreadlocks in school hair wars on individuality

12 years ago
132 posts
does anybody have the name of the school in vicksburg, mississippi? i would like to write a letter to them, but i am not sure of the name of the school, and do not want to write it to the wrong school
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12 years ago
35 posts
here in germany we dont have this problem.but a couple of years ago i wanted to make an exchange year with a student from newzelland,we already organized everythingbut the school said i should cut of my dreads to be accepted and i couldnt go to NZ without going to schoolbecause i dint want to miss a yearso i kept my hair.....still wondering if it was the right decision i would have loved to see NZ but i also love my hairjust thought this storry is kinda related to the topicgreetzbene
Thomas Kelly
12 years ago
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hey, I know this was a while ago but I just wanted to say here in England I wasn't allowed Dreadlocks at my school, in fact we were really meant to have our hair below shoulder if we were male, I had to wait until I left to get my dreads but got them before my last exam. The majority of the teachers didn't mind but a few of the "higher" members f staff were unhappy with it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
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thats just it they will rake touur rights unless u let em know they cant take yoir rights

Devin Xavier said:

I also went to school in Itasca county in mn.they told me i cant have dreads.i laughed in their face and went on my merry way.i told them to expel me or leave me alone.of course they aren't going to expel me.i would sue them for i won that battle.i hope those kids win theirs.

32 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 12 feet long

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Cayla Lynn-Marie Thoenen
11 years ago
10 posts
wow, i love your letter. very powerful.
11 years ago
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Wow. I think people have gone completely psychotic nowadays. I don't agree with this one bit. Whether those students have dreadlocks for a cultural or religious reason or not, they have EVERY right to wear their hair as they please. To not allow someone to go to a school dance, to SUSPEND someone for a hairstyle? That's a joke. That's just close minded people with power exercising their right to be total dicks. I can understand if those students had bugs crawling out of their hair and smelling completely awful, but that wasn't mentioned anywhere so I assume that wasn't the case. I mean for the love of everything that's good in this world, a PUBLIC school should not have the right to punish students for personal choices that obviously are no harm to others. If my school told me I had to take my dreadlocks out, I'd shoot'em the bird and be on my way.
Jack Pierre
11 years ago
2 posts

i think it is bull shit how they are trying to band dreadlocks in public schools! We have aright to have our hair how ever we want

8 years ago
58 posts
I was going to start a new thread but this one is better. I wanna bring up the most recent(in the news) occurrence of an African American girl who had plaits not dreads done by her barber father and the school forced her to take them out. It was total b.s. Considering they looked very neat and tidy since they were manually produced.It made the news... How often do you think this happens and it doesn't make the news?I'm assuming they would have complained if she let her natural texture grow out as well. It's very stupid, and especially because I believe it was a private institution operating with The Lord in their curriculum. If that were the case, judgement should not have been passed if they were practicing what they preach.
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