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Cutting by force.

Spider Feet
8 years ago
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Ehhh, another thread made me think about this...What if someone did manage to cut a chunk of my dreads off. I consider myself a fairly passive and non violent person but I know I'm that way because of effort and I'm not naturally that way. I don't think I could just stand there and say "Man thats fucked up".To me, forcibly removing someones hair is extremely violent and much like chopping off any other part of the body. If it's done willingly it's one thing, much like any other body mod or cosmetic surgery. The thought terrifies me, both the personal trauma and knowing how I react in violent situations.How would you react if someone managed to cut off some or all of your dreads? Could you just brush it off? Do you think there is any legal retribution you could gain? What would be your legal rights in that kind of situation?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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castrationcastration with a chainsawa rusty chainsaw

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8 years ago
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if it were anyone close to me, I would isolate them, anyone else and violence would ensue. ;)
The Rapture of Exile
8 years ago
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I would think that you could sue or something, especially if you have religious beliefs pertaining to your locks. But I consider what one does with their hair a genetic and human right, regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof. I don't think I would do anything to that person, they obviously believe in some outdated assumption of forced ownership of another person's body. I'd just let my hair keep on doing its nattiness, because if that person is sad enough to take on the burden of constantly clipping someone's hair because THEY don't like it, I would LET them. And they would have to do it frequently, because my hair grows fast, haha.
Nicole Binns
7 years ago
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OMG, I have two stories to tell about this. The first one happened to someone else. I had a co-worker who said that she had very long hair, down below her waist, I think it was actually to her knees. It was extremely long. She went to the hospital for a serious illness, and spent some time unconscious and on drugs.When she woke up, (I know, you know what I'm about to say), her hair was all gone. The nurses said that they cut the hair off because they 'couldn't brush it' or something because it was 'too long.' It was up to like chin length. It was totally gone. I am not f*****g kidding you. Gone.There is NO REASON why they had to even TRY to brush her hair while she was unconscious for a couple days. A person will survive a couple days without washing or brushing their hair in the hospital. They could have tied it back somehow.This lady DID NOT sue them. I don't like the idea of randomly suing people for every little hangnail or stubbed toe that I get, but if somebody cut off all of my hair while I was unconscious, you cannot imagine the hell they would pay. I don't know why she didn't sue them. She never bothered to grow it back - she said she likes it short now.The second story happened to me. I was with the guy who was my boyfriend at the time, and his daughter who was young, like 8 years old I think. She was just a hyper little kid. One day I was sitting down while she played with my long hair. I didn't notice when she picked up the scissors off the table and cut off a long, thin piece of it. It wasn't much, just a thin strand.But I was furious. I turned around, saw her holding the scissors and the strand of hair, and said, in shock and horror, 'Did you CUT that?' She was terrified and she said 'No,' even though I could see the hair and the scissors in her hand - you know how it is when they're a little kid and they're scared and the only thing she could do was deny it. She was just fooling around and she didn't know that I would be that upset about it.Instead of yelling and screaming, I got up quickly, went outside, and took a long walk by myself. I walked and walked until I cooled down. I didn't scream or anything.When I came back, we apologized to each other, and she cried a little bit, and I told her how I felt and we were okay with each other after that. She understood that she had made a mistake and she never tried anything like that again. It was an accident. She felt terrible.Nothing else like that has ever happened to me and I'm glad of it.
7 years ago
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Someone cutting your hair by force sounds terrible. The last time I cut my hair was 5 years ago when I cut off the dreads, and that was traumatic enough.

lol se...

soaringeagle said:


castration with a chainsaw

a rusty chainsaw
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