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What do your family think of your dreads?

3 years ago
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Today is the first time my family have seen what I'm doing. I've always wore a hat. They've known I've had long hair but never knew what was under the hat and as I don't visit often it's easy to hide. My brother said "Cut them off!". My Mom is still shocked. And although it's water off a ducks back, it's still not a nice feeling.

My mom is the one that's more shocked. She knows how to do dreads as she did them for my Jamaican stepdad. But because I'm going natural, she sees "natty" locks. Her words. It's hard to explain to her that you can grow dreads naturally perfectly fine.

3 years ago
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Who cares?

Fuck them.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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1st 15 years my mom mentioned cutting in every single convo we had. every glance in her diection was met with her fingers immediately making scissor/cutting motions..

"im embarrassed to be sen with you"  so was left out of alot..

note..only my mom nobody else ever cared 1 bit

actualy some cousins an suc were real supportive despite being way mor e conservative

that was the 1st 15 years then she "had to be seen with me" as the family went out xmass shopping together at the mall

because im a bit faster they were always walking beghin, not with me.. so saw a constant "i love your hair" 'woe awesome dreads'  comments, then 15 old women, like intheir 80s all surround me saying they never saw anyting so beautiful

my mom never once suggested cutting again'

in facft, i got a tam for xmss that year

she later started telling other dreadies about my dreads (while sailin around the caribean)

now shes always signing petitions against read decrimination, forwarding articles about it saying how wrong it is'

its just a matter of them seeing it as something to be proud of not ashamed of

they will someday

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My dreads are over 12 feet long

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3 years ago
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I’m sorry you’ve had negative responses, it’s a lot easier to ignore a strangers opinion than that of your family. My family don’t really care to be honest, my Mam seemed a little unsure at first but once I answered her questions she was more accepting. I imagine it might be a little different if I still lived at home because she’d see the day to day messiness and might have more to say about it. As far as advice, I can only really echo what’s already been said, you can’t let anyone’s negative opinion get to you, just remember that it’s you that wants to do this and it’s your hair. The short term bad feelings won’t come close to outweighing the longer term good feelings that you get from doing things your own way, no matter what that is. And they’re your family, they’ll come to accept it in time because they love you, it’s just a new thing at the moment, something else will come along and they’ll forget all about how they feel about your hair 😊
3 years ago
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Great advice there thank you! I don't let their opinion affect my decision because there is zero chance of me cutting my hair. You're right though @tash there's a lot of positive feelings that far outweigh any minor negatives. If anything it shows a lack of understanding or acceptance on their part. @soaringeagle that's a nice plot twist! My partner was similar, I showed her your dreads and many others from here and she's quite impressed now. I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to do it. My son wants to, but mom is saying not at the moment. He's 11. I think it's a great idea especially now he has the school holidays coming up. But she not so much.

3 years ago
51 posts

@mones that's exactly how I think to their opinions too :) Was just interesting to see if others have had similar experiences.

3 years ago
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My mom is disgusted by dreads wither mine or anyone else’s. She still accepts me for my own weird self and she understands why I have dreads but she makes sure I know she thinks dreads are gross. I haven’t seen her in over three years though so she hasn’t seen my dreads in person.

My dad also thinks they’re gross and makes continuous comments about cutting or brushing them out. His favorite thing is to draw his friends/other family in on the ‘make fun of her hair’ game. He’s utterly confused by others curiosity and acceptance.

Everyone else is a mix. Some are intrigued and want to learn more. Namely my grandma. She loves them. And some also act the same as my parents.
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