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Was turned down recently for a pizza gig

8 years ago
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Seriously, not like I cared so much about this job, but I am actually more taken back by the way I was "let down".

We have an aquaintance that is a manager of a very casual, nothing special, pizza joint locally. I already have most of my day taken up by being a mama, apprentiships, and light work at a doctors office, but I thought It would be nice tohave more of a cushion to help us out.

So when I found out they let someone go and was looking to hire, I mentioned I would love the job. I live close by and am reliable. I have great work history, and I figured the manager and I being nearly friends.. Well.. I figured it was no big deal. I even told them I would wear a hat.

Get this I was told: " you have great work history, references and no doubt would be hard working, but your just not what we are looking for".

WOW.. Just WOW..

Probably illegal to discriminate like that, butno way I can prove it, not really wanting to deal with the drama either.

Just thought I'd share. It's a screwed up world out there. LOL

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8 years ago
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Welcome to my mate's world. Since he has Cerebral Palsy (it's really only limited to his legs... everything else works just fine!) regardless of his intelligence and reliability, he always gets turned down for even the most simple customer service jobs. Really sucks though... I got turned down for a job at Buckle jeans like that... " you're just not the type of person we're looking to hire... but your resume is great! Have you tried Hot Topic?" It's really frustrating how much people base your skill as a worker on your appearance. At least working at Petsmart allows me to let people know that I might look different, but we share common ground as animal helps break the ice.I do hope that you find better luck and more open minded people in the future though...
8 years ago
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Yeah don't take it personally. Even if it was about your dreads It probably had nothing to do with how he felt about them, but instead with how he thought customers might feel about them. Hiring people with a certain type of "look" is all apart of how you present your product to the public, it's totally similar to how you decorate the inside of your establishment. What kind of employees you hire is as important to establishing a "vibe" as what kind of music you play over the intercom, if you get my drift. And it's completely legal to hire or not hire based on a persons "style". It may not be completely fair but it is understandable.It's why Disney doesn't hire people with an "extreme" look, It's not that they think you're weird and unreliable or anything its just that you don't fit the Disney profile in the Disney universe. I wouldn't expect them to hire half the people I know just like I wouldn't expect them to start incorporating metal subculture into their decoration scheme....Even though that would be balls to the wall awesome.
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