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Robert telford
8 years ago
2 posts
How do u make dreds
updated by @robert-telford: 01/13/15 08:30:29PM
8 years ago
94 posts
just clean your hair and dont comb it make sure that it stays clean and just dont run your fingers through it and leave it alone and it will start to create tangles then just seperate thems and leave those alone and then the rest of it will start to do it as well... wearing a wool hat or a tam will help... how long is your hair?
8 years ago
16 posts
Do Nothing...
green bean
8 years ago
57 posts
dreads arent MADE theyre GROWN. i literally do nothing to my hair besides wash it with non residue soap but not everyday like twice a week. mine will be three months the 24th! good luck =]
8 years ago
844 posts
you can't make locksyou can manipulate the hair to adapt to it in certain ways, Time will take over from there,the sections on the main page (scroll down on the right hand side) detail ways on how to start the process,if you need feedback on a particular method or whatknot feel free to start a discussion on that or ask some people about their locks,anyone would be happy to tell you what they know from there :)
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