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mom bugging me about my dreads

Kerry LoCo
5 years ago
46 posts

A long while ago, I had the epiphany of "its just hair." Maybe you can talk to your mom about that? No matter what you do to your hair, it isn't permanent. It can be undone when you want to. As long as its clean, all the other problems can be dealt with. If she wants you to look groomed (like if you were going out to dinner), and you are kinda fuzzy that day, use a decorative head wrap or tam. Look at all the pics on this site, there are many ways to style your dreads to make them look less "shaggy." Maybe if you find a pic and ask for help recreating that style, she might come around a bit?

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5 years ago
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My mom was exactly the same - also the whole "I'm embarrassed to be next to you" bullshit. Do what you want, I had to break in at the end of living at home because of threats to cancel my flight ticket. If you aren't home for very much longer and cant be bothered taking the shit, I would say take them out as horrible as it is... I had free forming locks for 9/10 months and had to take them out... But moved away and am in my 5th month of free forming again :) but yeah I ignored it for nearly a year, but all depends on how thick your skin is I suppose

Karina Arroyo
5 years ago
6 posts

Thanks for the great ideas guys :)


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