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5 years ago
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I'm new on here. I'm really surprised I haven't signed up for this site before!

So some background on me; I have had dreads twice before. The first time they lasted a year, then I "had to" brush them out for a job that didn't last. The 2nd time I had to brush them out because of school... I am so mad.
After I brushed them out the 2nd time I bleached my hair & killed it all. So I recently cut all my hair off so I can grow it back healthy & my natural color so I can get my beloved dreadlocks back (I'm never getting rid of them again!). Anyone who knows me knows that dreadlocks are ME... I'm just not myself without them. Dreads to me are a symbol of my lifestyle & spirituality... I can't wait for my hair to grow back. My hair is about ear length right now, I'm dreading it when it gets about chest length, or 2 months postpartum. I don't know how fast my hair will grow during pregnancy... hopefully fast! lol

One thing I was wondering, the only thing I "dislike" about dreads is that they smell like nothing. When I get them back I want to try essential oils. Do you put some on your hands & then palm roll them or put it in like a salt spray & spray them on your hair?

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Morgan. Essential oils are great for mature dreads, add them to your rinses. Recipes can be found by using the search tabs at the top of the pages. Never palm roll your dreads, #1 it does not do a damn thing to tidy the dread, #2, it will damage the dread and weaken the root don't do this at all.

For dreads just starting out again, add just a few drops of your favorite essential oil into water, put in spray bottle and spritz it on sparingly for an instant aroma.

5 years ago
2 posts

What kind of oils do you recommended? I'm in general in search of an oil to make my scent, I've used Vanilla for so long but am sick of not smelling like anything! lol I want something as strong as patchouli, but not patchouli... thats my mother in laws scent lol. She used my phone once & my phone smelled like patchouli for months.

5 years ago
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Tea tree oil is great for dreads as it soothes the scalp, helps with itching. <3 There are a bunch of good oils you can use, such as rosemary and lavender too.

Ps. Welcome!

5 years ago
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Peace and blessings.

I am using rosemary and peppermint at the moment, I use it at the end of washing as a rinse then I don't rinse it out. I get lovely peppermint smell. My actual real love scent is sandalwood, when I get a new batch I will be using it the same way. Just a few drops in the rinse, without the other oils, or a few drops on my hands and rub it on that way.

Rosemary and peppermint are excellent for your hair and scalp and should be used anyway if you get a bit of dandruff, and the peppermint is good for any itchies. Sandalwood is also excellent for hair and scalp, but a bit too expensive. I am actually doing some experiments with apricot kernel oil at the moment, only used it once so far, but is also excellent for hair and scalp, but perhaps a bit too conditioning for new dreads.

I say, just experiment, find a good oil supplier and smell them until you find the perfect one.


5 years ago
523 posts
My favorite scents right now are dragon's blood and Nag Champa.
5 years ago
18 posts

I must say I love the smell of Nag Champa. Not quite a fan of Dragon's Blood. But its great that you can season your hair to preferred scentage. LOL

5 years ago
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Hahaha just add a few drops to your acv rinse or in a spray bottle with water. Boom! Whatever scent you like!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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welcome u never had to comb them out they cant make yyou and u can sue if thewy try to

now dreads can smell wonderfull just use soaps but never palm roll at all

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