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Just a Hi from sweden and thanks for this site :)

Lotta Elofsson
5 years ago
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First I have to say I'm so happy for this site :) I'm from sweden and started my dreads 2 weeks ago with TnR. After my second wash where I used acv for the first time (after the baking soda) all TnR was gone. Therefore I'm so glad for this forum, because without it, I haven't understand it's normal. I let them be..

Now I'm on two weeks tomorrow and today I found my first knots.

updated by @lotta-elofsson: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,329 posts

see how easuy it is you didnt need to tnr to begin with

just wait 2 weeks and watch it dread

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Hi back at you from Canada. This is the best site for dreads, glad you found it.

5 years ago
11 posts

Tjena and Welcome - I just started myself (married to a Swede)

5 years ago
85 posts

Welcome fellow swede! :-)

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