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New Member About to get locs done

oodie cary
6 years ago
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Whats up everyone. After playing with the idea for almost 2 years im planing on getting my hair done in dreadlocks. Ive had cornrows for about 5 years maybe longer. The girl thats doing my hair recommend me getting 2 strand twist. she says i have really nice thick hair so mostly for last 6 months she had been trying to get me not to do it. But im going with it. What do you guys think? 2 strand or another method also what will my lenth be like? I have up loaded 3 pictures from my last cornrow take out earlier today. thanks alot. I also will be starting a journey thread

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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heres why she was trying to talk you out of it she works in a salon that does twists and braids both when dont tight cause thinning and hair loss you have very thick hair she didnt want to ruin..but she didnt know any other way

they arent trained ru]=ight

heres 2 strand twists

see all that scalp?

now twists arent as horible way to start at all

not the best but not horible either however they are trained to:

twist and twist and twist every few weeks forever

not wash for a year or even wet your hair

braid the already over twisted dreads into tight styles that speed up the thinning

your thick hair starts looking mighty thin like this

then this

now your hair will dread itself easy

freeform methi=od

wash and seperate to prevebnt congos

congos are like this

but if you seperate freeform dreads look like this



yours will probly look sorta like this when mature

notice they all look healthy thick and strong

and unique..not all the same and so manufactured looking

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