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A quick thank you

allen brainskum
9 years ago
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For all of the informative discussion from this site and it's users. I just recently got my hair "professionally" dreaded and had been having a weird/uneasy feeling about it. Well I did research and found this site (and a few others) that basically told I that the methods used on my head might not be the most natural of favorable, and with a lot of thinking and more research I agree. The "dreads" fell out almost immediately after I got them, and the lady told I to just apply more wax and twist. This didn't make sense in my mind but I did it anyways (really smart right?). Wax is disgusting and I just got most of it out with a non resi bar soap and dawn dishsoap, my dome feels a lot better now. No more back combing or wax. I am just not sure if I wants to cut my hair and start over or should I just run wid it? I'll post some pics later possibly. Once again thanks for all the great iinformation!!!About myself, just a college kid, surf, music of all sorts.
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9 years ago
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oyu may have gotten "twist" its just another way of them suckering you into paying lots of money and it ends up that they, arent even dreads at all,its a scam. allt hey did was twist your hair
9 years ago
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yeah i read somwhere about somones son. they payed 150 bucks! just to get "twists" in his hair..they fell apart later on. 150 bucks down the drain!! i hope u didnt pay alot!!..ide want my money back!! and i cant beleiv hairdressers are diong this..suckering people out of money..well..i mean so does the whole world
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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some pay up to and over 700 bucks for worse meesssestheres so many salon dread scams that are disasterouseif u had it done recently dont cut..use alotta conditioners and heat to melt/unknot it and start fresh and right, although possibly dammaged (be as gentle as can be and slow in undoing it) if its been several to many weeks/months..just dewax beyond what u think is needed and let em dread on theyre ownu can deside for yourself the level of dammage contyrol thats acceptiple to youat minimum id continue efforts to remove wax traces and see how it goesi woould agree id ask for money back..and send a message to them in the process that that is not an acceptible way to dread

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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9 years ago
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I wouldn't cut it all off and start over, just clean it all up the best you can and start fresh. You hair will probably have some damage, but that damage may just help it to knot quicker this time.Salons unless highly reputable are most often scams. The good salons that know how to do natural dreads right, are few and far between.Sorry that happened to ya man, I hope you can get your money back.
9 years ago
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I took my wax and back combs out on my own after having it in for a month and ahalf. I used deep conditioners and olive oil and slowly and patiently combed it out I was sitting in a tub of hot water and would lie back and soak them in the warm water.. I f I had a bigger tub I could have been able to comb with a wide tooth comb while my head was in the water.What ever you do DONT cut! Even if your hair normally grows fast you will be anxiously waiting for it to grow back and as my grandmother always said... a watched pot never boils... your hair will feel like it is taking forever to grow! Just be gentle and patient and you will be able to go natural. If you can't wait for them to happen naturally 100% I recommend the twist and rip method it allows you a bit more control and mine have locked up very fast in almost 3 months :) Best of luck! Don't give up!Peace
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