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My Dreadful Journey

6 years ago
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Hello there! I've been lurking here for a little over a year or so, but only now have I decided to join. I noticed that it was here that i always got the best advice and encouragement. I read the posts here anytime i need a lift when it comes to the dreading journey. I know that this site has given me GREAT advice, and it shows!

I am now a year into my dreading journey. I started out with bleach blonde hair, but only recently dyed it back to black. Yes my dreads need work in some places but sleeping with a bandana seems to help with that a lot.

So im posting some recent pics of my dreads. I cant wait until they get longer. They are so beautiful. I know that others think of me in a strange way but what can I say.. i do not lead a ''normal'' life. I do what I want! And I love my dreads!!

I formed most of them with TNR but after a while when they came loose after washing i just decided to let them do their thing. I threw my hairbrush away. lol. TNR seemed to help me to section it the way that i wanted. now im watching as new dreads are forming from the loose hairs that are new.

The dreading journey is amazing and its something that has changed my life. Now that i no longer live in the city, im out in the country, in the woods.. it feels more appropriate.

I have been to rainbow gatherings. The last one that i attended was in 1994, in Ocala National Forest. I learned a lot there and it was there that i first saw dreads, and first desired to have dreads of my own.

In the beginning i used to obsess over my dreads.. but after a while, after throwing out the hair brush and just doing a little palm rolling here and there [and in the past month, daring to finally use conditioner!!] everything is finally working out. my dreads are maturing and my perspectives on life changing along with it.

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6 years ago
3 posts

Oh, real quick i forgot to mention.. .yes i dreaded for spiritual reasons. i know a lot of people just say that , but i really do live a very spiritual life. I'm known on the 'net as Venus Satanas and I run one of the best Satanist sites on the net. Yes...Satanism. There are probably 20,000 fans in my whole network, many of them subscribers on Youtube. So im responsible for teaching this new generation of Satanists. Along the way I have changed my looks throughout the years.. from having super bright red hair, to dark forest green, and now dreads. My fans freaked out when they first saw them, they LOVED them. many women who are into the same kind of thing also have unique looks.

I read tarot online as well, so i am able to work from home and i dont have to deal with the 9-5 grind like a lot of other people do. So my entire life is filled with spiritual purpose.My dreads have helped me to express myself in a somewhat anti-social way.. because after all, what ''nice'' girl does things like that to her hair? Well, thats how it goes.

My dreads allow me to connect to the earth, like roots of a tree.. they are natural and perfect as they are. Many Satanists recognise Satan as a force, as a ''god'' of this world, and as such, his realm is that of nature.. and my hair, and my lifestyle have slowly become one with nature. Now i live out in the woods, using less resources, recycling what i can and trying to help the earth. Well thats my story!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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have u been to gatherings besides ocala? ocalas the worse of them all

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6 years ago
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lol! what can i say, im a Floridian!!

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