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paul mitchell (generic brand) tea tree soap bar

Sarah Nater
6 years ago
9 posts
Has anyone used this bar from sally's? It has a lot of essential oils in it and so far has helped my month old dreads tighten up beautifully.
updated by @sarah-nater: 01/13/15 09:38:10PM
Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

I can't seem to find the ingredients list anywhere online. If you could write it up , Heather, Eagle, and I'd appreciate it. Then we could really help you out. Many soaps are too conditioning, or leave residue.

But without the ingredients, We won't know if it does any of those things or if it has some toxic ingredients you may want to stay away from

Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

I've never heard of it...but...if it came from a salon there are chances that there are ingredients that are too conditioning for your hair or will leave residue that's harmful to your locks.

Blessed Earth Mama
6 years ago
72 posts

Well I found this;

It doesn't actually seem too bad in the scheme of things if that product description is right. Could have been much worse!

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