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hello all! give me a hand????

kyle bohanan
6 years ago
2 posts

hello my fellow dread family!!! im am recently new to this website and just wanted a few questions if you dnt mind :)

so my first question is... for whoever clicks on this... what made you want to get dreads or start the dreading proccess??? i love hearing peoples reasoning for getting them even if it seems dumb, love them all

question number 2.. do you guys get looked down on or judged bcuz u have locks? cuz i know i do.. i do have a not so good past and have been sober now for about 9 or 10 months..

question 3, what is your opinion of my locks?? negitive and possitive feed back jus be honest

my last and final question.. i have read stuff on here about people trading...??? i make all kinds of hemp and string jewelry and also some polymer clay beads and i was wondering how the trading stuff works.

if anyone is interested i can make some jewelry for a trade :) ull just have to let me know what kind, size, color, and style and beads :) sorry i made this kind of long i jus love talking to fellow dreadlock friends and what not. :D soo with that, i that is jus about it.

and ill try to get some more pictures of my dreadies some beads i have made/bought and some jewelry of my personal collection :)

i would also apreaciate it if you guys would post some pictures of all yr beautiful locks on this!!

thank you all for your time and patience. have a wonderful peaceful day <3

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,328 posts

1.. i had to simple as that

2 no i get looked yo to often too much people expect me to be all knowing and solve all th[ire problems..which i like to do i love helping ppl but too often they expect me to solve everything without them changing anythng and it dont work that way haha

3 theres a trade circle group but we also just added the with a trade section

i dont see your pics so i cant say

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Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

We do have the introduction forum for everyone's stories, but I guess some stories have been buried.

1: I started my first set with wax and a salon. It was a disaster. My hair melted off my scalp. That's a longer story.

I have always liked how locks looked, but never really say myself with them. Then one day, I started studying Rastafarianism. I also was in the process of quitting smoking weed and doing other drugs. I decided that I wanted to take my vegetarianism and love for the earth further. I wanted to show how in tune I felt with nature by letting my hair grow as it naturally wanted to. I heard a beautiful story about how the longer and thicker your locks were, the easier it would be for Jah to pick up your soul when you die. I don't believe in any of that anymore. I am a self proclaimed Molecular Spiritualist. But I still like the concept. And I still want to allow my hair to be natural.

2: My father believes that I am trying to look black. He doesn't talk about it. but he is a racist bigot. He never minded when I had mohawks and dyed hair. My mother thinks I am too old for them, but thinks that if I want to have them, I should let her pay for me to go to a salon and have them "done" neatly. My aunt and a cousin think that they will make me go bald. And my grandfather thinks I am too old for "funny" hair.

So, luckily strangers love them. It's only my family that has a problem with my hair.

3: Your locks look just fine. That's exactly what they should look like at the stage they are in. Don't worry about it at all. Those loose hairs need to be there. Don't touch them, and don't do anything to the roots. If you want them to be healthy and last a long time, you need to just wash and separate them. Any maintenance you do will weaken them.

4: I believe that there is a trading post in the shops page. You can take pics of your art and post them there

kyle bohanan
6 years ago
2 posts

people always give me a funny look and the reason for me gettin dreads was as a tribute for my cousin who passed when i was very little

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