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I think I'm ready to start my dreads

Jammin' Jay
14 years ago
30 posts
I've been waiting for my hair to get long enough, and I think that it's good enough. I just don't think that I can wait any longer! I long for them.Wish me luck!
updated by @jammin-jay: 01/13/15 08:29:22PM
Mechanical Butterfly
14 years ago
24 posts
Good luck! I wish you patience and enlightenment.
Lonnie Berg
14 years ago
219 posts
Good Luck on your journey Sweetie, Happy Trails!!! May it be all good and bring you happiness, namaste'
14 years ago
72 posts
Awesome sister. I'm about ready too. I hope you'll be posting pics of your journey.
14 years ago
844 posts
haha, that was the same kind of feeling that built up in me to, good luck! :)
Jammin' Jay
14 years ago
30 posts
Thanks everyone! I'm sure this is going to be very good for me. Oh, and I will be posting as soon as I can get my camera up and running again.
14 years ago
51 posts
Welcome, and good luck!! Your journey will be an amazing one!!
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