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the holy qwendala...blest or cursed?

Addis Bahitawi
6 years ago
1 posts

YAH blest tings Idren of I n I di VINE royal tings ones and ones that enter or stumbled into WE covenant of ANCIENTS. WORD, in the fullness thereof, has consecrated the Holy Vow of Tewahedo as an anointment to ones who sense abstractions of sustaining energies still becoming and as a mercy to souls that previously vowed but did not devote their existence to serving. Ones whom chose to exploit the high degrees of the ecclesiastical order are in eternal death. Beloved, build on knowledge, overstanding, wisdom and love. MLCHZDK KING OF PEACE rains....BLESSED LOVE.EMMANUEL I.....

updated by @addis-bahitawi: 01/13/15 09:36:15PM
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