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6 years ago
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I don't currently have dreads, though I did at one time, about three years ago. I cut them because I started them with wax, and they ended up being rotted in the center. Anyway, I'm eager to go back to dreads and do it right this time, but I'm slightly hesitant because my hair is cut in a mohawk.

I'm not concerned about the 'hawk itself; I would keep it shaved where it's shaved and let the rest dread and grow long. However, the hair varies in length: at my nape it's only about two inches long, and gradually gets longer as it travels up the head, the longest parts being about six inches. I guess I'm a bit worried about how it's going to look once the dreading process begins and until the hair gets a bit longer.

Advice/support? I know I'm probably needlessly fretting a bit... ;P

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Baba Fats
6 years ago
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My tattoo artist has his mohawk in locks. And like you, the back in a bit shorter than the top.

Just like anyone starting out, they will look goofy for a few months. The back will probably take longer to actually knot up just because of the length, but it's the back of your head. When people look at you fromt he front, they wont see the back of your head. So don't worry about that.

You can take biotin to help bolster your growth rate, but it does take a few months to start showing any signs of growing faster. I started a few weeks ago to help the hair on top of my head grow, and I am still waiting. but from what others have told me, it does work.

How are you planning on starting this set? Natural, or a starter method? And how many locks do you want/ how wide is the mohawk now?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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the front and top will dread 1st the ret catch up later i thnk it would actualy look cool through the progression

how ling did it take yoir waxlocks to start to rot?

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6 years ago
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I cut my waxlocks off when they were about ten months old; when they actually started to rot, I don't know. I didn't know they were rotting; a problem had cropped up with my scalp - I had a weird allergic reaction to something -, which was what prompted me to cut the hair off. I sliced into the dreads vertically and combed/pulled the hair apart, and big globs of rotted, matted hair were just dropping off my head. An EXCELLENT example of why NOT to use wax...My mohawk isn't a super skinny one. The line where hair meets shaved kind of lines up with the natural arch of my eyebrows, the outer third of the eyebrows I guess. Ideally I'd just let it go natural, but it might be wiser to use a dread-friendly starter method, only because my boss may not tolerate the wholly unkempt initial phase. So, if it looks quasi-styled right off the bat, it's probably better. I know they look sort of goofy for a while regardless; I just mean it's better if she (and probably more importantly, our clients) can tell I'm starting dreads and not just forgetting to comb my hair, you know?
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