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Pros and cons on dyed dreads?

Layla Marie
6 years ago
3 posts
I haven't got dreads yet but hopefully I will soon! But I was thinking bout dying my tips green before getting dreads and I'm sure that involves bleaching. What are the pros and cons?
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Rachel Parsons
6 years ago
30 posts
If you do bleach I would spend a little time trying to bring the ends back into good condition so you don't have problems with brittleness and breakage.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,929 posts

i swear i replied to tgis i think theres multiple identupicle posrs? idf so ill copy my reply here and delwte the extras

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,929 posts

ok my long reply was lost

pros pink tips


bleaching causes them to be weaker brittle dry and damaged and makes it easier to damage more

the biggest dread disaster i ever saw was a dread perm on top of over bleached hair

almost all her hair was lost she had 4 or so surviving "dreads" big puffy permed blobs hanging from a few hairs made u want to cry..and kinda laugh at the same time through the tears

im assumming yoir not dread perming (god i hope not) but how are u planning to dread?

ok back to cons

if u use baking soda to wash it fades color faster so u will re dye more often and every time u dye dreads u twke a risk

yea sure many dye dreads successfully but its tricky and risky and can go badly dyes are hard to rinse out left in without deactivation can over priocess the hair and weaken it badly

etc etc

how importandt are deads to youi

how important are pink tips

weight the pros and com[]ns against the impoetance of the 2 and you will know what to do

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Little Wing
6 years ago
41 posts

Yep, it's a hard decision.

I would like also coloured tips by when mine mature. But I do think it seriously because bleaching might cause a considerable damage on my dreads. In that case, maybe I would choose to add some dread wraps to add colour to them.

I've seen some videos of people who bleached their tips and they had no problem. But as Soaring Eagle says, it's tricky. Not all hairs are the same... and mine is one of those hard to bleach.

When I started my journey, I had bleached tips, but as soon as my dreads started to change, the body of the dread ate all the bleached part.

You might try before getting dreads, because in that way you would be able to wash the bleach well and put other stuff in your hair to make it recover a bit. But after you start your dreads it also might happen your dreads eat all the coloured part, as they might not :P you can try.

And try vegan dyes... also as say SE, if you do baking soda and ACV, it would take super easy the dye. So you might get in that case an anti-residue shampoo.

6 years ago
115 posts
If you see any of my pics you'll see I've bleached and dyed my hair so much that the back is so damaged it won't hold color anymore. I'm still quite new to the dreading process, but bleaching is bad. Over bleaching will literally melt your hair and cause it to fall out, break and thin. And there are better ways to go about adding color, but it may not look exactly how you have it in your head :-/ but then again, it's probably not going to look that way anyway :p
Here's a link to another thread about adding color to your dreads via temporary wool extentions.
6 years ago
544 posts

The pro's and con's of bleaching dreads are basically the same as hair that's not dreaded: You can dry out the hair, blow out the pores, and ruin the integrity of the hair shaft from the process (ie. breakage.) Another con to bleaching WITH dreads is that you could end up with uneven results because of the way the hair is knotted and thickened from dreading (ie. penetration of the bleach could leave spottiness and to force it into the dread could make it hard to remove.)

If you haven't bleached your hair before you would need to have a basic knowledge in color theory to achieve the bleaching results you would need to get true-to-tone colors afterward. If you have very dark hair, you could end up with orange or yellow after bleaching which will, in turn, change the outcome of any colored dye you put on afterward. Color results are different when bleaching virgin hair verses previously dyed hair.

Also, it's not recommended to use any other chemical service in conjunction with bleached hair... by this I mean, until the bleached parts are CUT from the hair, any other chemical service you use could further damage the areas that were previously bleached.

If you are absolutely passionate about having different colored tips then I would recommend you bleach all of your hair now, before growing the dreads. Then, as your hair grows out and matured into dreadlocks, you will already have blonde hair to dye over. Why I recommend dying the entire head verses just the tips? Well that has to do with shrinkage. Everyone who dreads experiences shrinkage to some degree because the hair moves up and down and loops over itself to make the dreadlocks as it matures. If you did bleach just the tips then your tips may not be what is blonde when your locks are matured.

It's a lot to think about honestly.

The only pro's to bleaching ANY hair is having a desired hair color (which there is usually a 50/50 chance of actually achieving: chances going up when involving a color specialist.)

The safest way to get colors in dreadlocked hair is to make wraps (wither with wool or thread) because you can have any color you want plus if you change your mind all you have to do is remove it. Only downside to wool wraps is that you could get fuzz stuck in your dreads.

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