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Hello, I'm new! To both the forum and dreads..

Conny Nordlund
7 years ago
19 posts


I joined the forum mainly to read up on what people think and such. I noticed there can be a lot of arguing about it, haha.. Personally, I just like reading up on people's experiences and such to make up my own, I don't care much about arguing about such things.

The reason I got dreads was mainly because I like to try new things. I've had a lot of different hair styles just to find what works best for me. I've been putting off the whole idea of dreads for a while because it's a commitment, for sure. I finally decided to get them now cause getting proper dreads is a long term goal, right? I have a lot of goals and stuff I want to achieve (trying to become an conceptual artist in the game and movie industry, suiting for dreads I suppose?) and I'm in this weird place in my life at the moment where I really try to strive for these things so getting dreads now felt like the perfect timing.

Also dreads looks awesome!

I read up and watched a lot of videos before I started but I was still pretty clueless. But me and a friend sectioned up my hair and started backcombing them and I have silicon bands in my hair to have an easier timeseparatingthem (the type of bands they have for horse hair, I'm planning on getting beads as soon as possible).

I decided not to care so much what happens to the dreads after fighting them for 4 days. I'm just going to keep them separated from each other and let them do their thing. I'm not going completely neglect cause, with all due respect, I don't like the look of them. I want to have at least some control of my dreads. I don't want any congos and such.

Any good started tips or whatever, is very welcomed :D

updated by @conny-nordlund: 01/13/15 09:30:24PM
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