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Why I chose to dread...

Rebekah Abigail Dobbs
8 years ago
6 posts
Hey, I am a newb, just starting my dreads, Ive only got two strands started because I am honestly a bit nervous to do my whole head all at once right now, so im taking baby steps. My friends arn't too supportive of me starting my dreads because I am dreading as a form of rebelling against vanity and bringing out/ expressing inner spirituality. Because vanity- it is so frequently a decider in American culture, whether people think your "acceptable" enough to fit their visual requirements. I'm honestly done with people only just knowing me as just one of those pretty girls and not being curious as to what I have inside.I'm so ready to be dready!!! Any tips on how to get over the disapproval of the people around you and accept you inner dready self?Anything's helpful :)
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Kim Brisebois
8 years ago
13 posts

When people don't understand why my hair looks like this, ( it's not dreads, i've just started my journey) I explain them what I'm doing. And nobody disapproved what i'm doing. It's my head, not theirs. The first day, I thought that I looked weird, but I learned to look at me in the mirror and tell me I'm beautiful and it's true, I am beautiful even with messy hair!

Shannon Jarvis
8 years ago
2 posts

It is amazing to read comments from so many other people that sound as if I myself wrote them.I too just feel as if its the wayim supposed to be, my inside doesnt match my outside.I am experiencing nothing but negativity, a co-work said to me "Why Shannon? Dont do it, you are so pretty!" My own son told me I was going to look so ugly. I havent even tnr yet I have just stopped using conditioner and combing. I am so thankful to have found this site with so many supportive, genuine, like-minded energy. Good luck with your journey!

James Colby Justice
8 years ago
75 posts

When I decided to go for dreads it was simply because I was tired of maintaining my hair. After they were backcombed and I learned more about dreads really wereand exactly how to take care of them I fell more and more in love with them every day. It set me free. I have more confidence than Ive ever had in my entire life and when Im asked the same questions over and over it never gets old because I love to talk about my experience with them, the mistakes I made with them and everything. As of right now there is NOTHING that could convince me to cut my babies off, and Im sure you will fell the same way as your journey progresses.

sofie johansen
8 years ago
3 posts

I was in hollyday in thailand when i was 11 years old. i see a man one the beach who have long dreads like damian marley! i think it was soo nice and i have never seen that before! So my grandad show me the reggae music. and when i was comming home i was listen to so much reggae and seen singers whit dreads! All in my family are hate dreads og think its nasty and you get animals in it. i was saying to my mom since i was 11 that i want dreads! but she say no.. I was asking everyday in 5 years aboute i cut get dreads! But for nearly 5 mounts she say yes to it! I was so happy cos whit my normal hair i feel im not nornal, i feel i dont show who im really are. I just dont like my hair when it was normal. But now when i got my dreads i fell so normal, or peopble can see who i am. My mom still dont like my dreads or maney in my familiy dont like it to.. but i dont care! Its my hair and my choise what im doing whit it! But i was fighting so much every day for getting it! and i love my dreads! <3

Ojas Acharya
8 years ago
172 posts

I liked ur introductiont bro.. Very nice. i understand its hard for us to explain why we exactly grow dreads.. and im almost sure that a non-dready wont ever be able to connect fully with whatever explanation we give for having dreadlocks. I think dreads are more felt than explained. they are something that pass on your vibes to the other person even when u dont speak a word with them... i was sick n tired of trying too hard to be a part of their so-called 'civilized' society. never felt like, n even could, conform n be a part of conventional thinking. always loved nature n my individual existence and i never wanted to be someone else for somebody else's sake... grooming myself used to make me sick sometimes... like literally.. I always supported individuality, always loved free expression, and free will. and yes yes.. i even liked how dreadlocks looked on people whom i saw...

All this said... i stil cant explain why i truly have dreads. There's this something that i feel is still left to be said but i find no words to put it right lol. i am with u brother. welcome to the community. hope u have a great time with ur dreads. :)

8 years ago
11 posts
I dread because it is how I found peace.
Michelle Bueno
8 years ago
8 posts

I totally understand what you mean. I love the way you explain it because when people ask me why I started dreading I always find it difficult to get them to understand that its for personal growth and reasons I cant very well describe.

Much love and peace.

8 years ago
11 posts

Sometimes I wish people would just stop asking questions...period! lol

8 years ago
235 posts

Hey man if it feels right i say go for it. Too many people fashion themselves after what society thinks they should look like, or perhaps more accurately, what other members of their "race" say. Fact is we all have one life to live and being a conformist is both boring and debilitating to ones freedom of choice, real talk.

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