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Why I chose to dread...

12 years ago
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I know that a lot of people dread for many reasons. Some spiritual/religious reasons. Some for fashion. Some for reasons of their own that don't apply to any of those. I believe I am one of the latter. I can't really explain it but I have always just felt like I needed them. Practically my entire adult life I have had long hair (minus a stint in the army). And for this entire time, every time I looked in the mirror I always half expected to see a dreadlocked me looking back. Its been like that since I was a teen. I even made an attempt at dreads as a kid that turned out to be some seriously nasty wax shitlocks.I also feel tgat this is the natural order of things. That this is the way I am supposed to look. Even since I made the decision today to start dreading, I feel a tremendous relief. Like something told me this is the way it should be. And for some reason it gives me a sense of connection to the past, if that makes any sense. I guess what I mean to say is that I am dreading for intensely personal reasons that I cannot yet fully explain. But it feels right...

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
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you dont got to explain we all understand haha

and yea the wax thing destroys alot of dready dreams but glad you wernt turned off from dreads forever by that

now i know your going to be taking pictures daily

but ..dont look at them..or a mirror for a week and then see if the guy staring back looks more like the real you

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12 years ago
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Absolutely brotha!
Luke Stanton
12 years ago
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i am the same way! even though i am only 19 turning 20 i have always loved the look of dreads! and i love how everyone tells me my dreads are dirty and i will never have real dreads. proving them wrong and teaching people about dreads is another amazing thing about having dreads! i came to a point in life where every night i would look up videos of people with dreads and i couldnt keep my mind off them

Amy Jo
12 years ago
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I've always had very thick, long hair. I've been fighting cancer for two years... surgeries, chemo, ect. I told my kids that when I was cancer free I would dread my hair. It's my way of celebrating life. I am very happy to say that my last scan was cancer free and my "baby dreads" are 4 days old. It feels right, it feels like me. I am very excited to start this journey!

Starla K. Gaines
12 years ago
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I'm sharing that same sentiment ;) It just..feels right! I, too have been obsessing over them lately. I'm just starting out but have been watching videos, reading forums and looking at pictures. I'm so ready to embark on this journey. I'm very much so into nature and all things natural. The two aren't separate in any way but in our modern, industrialized society, it seems to be. Anyway, my reasons are completely personal. I want..I NEED the experience. I'm journaling it through my YouTube channel even :)

12 years ago
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rock on and more power to you! its a beautiful thing to start down a road you have dreamed about for so long. Its an empowering experience. very happy for you and good luck on your journey. :0)
james varner
12 years ago
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deep man real deep

11 years ago
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Wow - true words and very deep. I feel the same way. Thanks for this words :-)

11 years ago
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I like your explanation Pikey and totally identify. I'm starting my journey now after spending half my life feeling similar. I would say however I do think what you said has some spiritual characteristics :) I love this site for being able to read things like this from others going through the same stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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