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selsun blue naturals

nick masotti
7 years ago
20 posts

hi everybody, just wondering what your thoughts on the shampoo selsun blue naturals. Would this be a good move for my dreads to help reduce dandruff and keep clean?

updated by @nick-masotti: 01/13/15 09:27:26PM
Baba Fats
7 years ago
2,706 posts

Unfortunately it doesn't list the ingredients. I would tend to stay away from it, because it could have glycerin in it. Not sure, though. Glycerin is natural, but conditions your hair. if you could get a list of ingredients, that would help a lot

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
29,317 posts

pretty much all anti dandruff shampoos should be avoided they all leave residi=ues and condition u can use herbs to treat dandruff ..teatree and rosemary especialy

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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