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Dead hair!!

kendrick jordan
6 years ago
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im jordan been dreading for a year n two months now. everything seems to be going good, untillyesterdaywhen i washed i felt that some of the dreads in the back of my head were really thintoweredthe root, and really loose andfrays a little at the end. when i started to dry around that area i tugged a few and a couple just fell out. it was pretty scary i didnt and still dont know what to do. my best guess was that my hair is dieing or i wasnt mixing my oils right anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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you used wax? wax is a dread killer and do u twist or palm roll or root rub or anything like that?

u got to removbe the wax! and stop rubbing them its not oils irts damage from messing with them

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6 years ago
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Well hair is pretty much all dead can keep it hydrated but it's not living. idk what all you've done, but it's possible that it may have been so thin that the new growth of hair didn't make it inside, so eventually, the natural shedding kept on going and without new hair going in it could have just thinned weakened to the point where it fell out when you pulled. it happened to a few of mine and I got freaked out too, but then I noticed the root was really super thin so it's not like there's a chunk of hair missing from my head

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